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Accepted Solution

4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Sony Xperia Support
Posts: 9,133
Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

We have investigated the issue with Google Play Services using alot of battery and we have identified that the root cause of this is related to the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52).

Until a new version of Google Play Services is provided by Google we urge users to either uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services (might limit use of Google Services like Youtube) or go to Settings > Google (accounts) > Ads > Tick the box for Opt out of interest-based ads and also disable back up of your data by going to Settings > Backup & reset (Personal) > uncheck the box for “Back up my data”.


If you are unable to uninstall the update for Google Play Services from Settings > Apps, go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators and disable "Android Device Manager". Also check the settings in the Play Store so that automatic updates is not enabled as this may update Google Play Services again automatically.

Posts: 6
Registered: ‎2014-06-04

Re: Xperia Z Kitkat update ruins my phone!

chrisphilip wrote:

I recently updated to 10.5.A.0.230 (kitkat update) and suddenly the battery life is awful, it went from being fully charged to 60% in 3 hours, with no usage whatsoever and in network mode only (no 3g or wifi)

Thanks in advance for any help!


Posts: 6
Registered: ‎2014-06-04

Re: my z battery draining alot from past 1 week in 4.3

dear my friend's, for all most android device is same problem.. becoz there 'r running application on background.. TRY install "BATTERY LIFE REPAIR " from google play thats U can download. my experience ,. thats tools can re- generate my battery even some broken battery ( can stay about 16 minutes just stanby mode )

hope can help.. sorry im newbie., didn't know how to paste screen from my phone on this.. ( to show what's i have do on android )

ganesh_84s wrote:

Screenshot_2014-05-25-22-42-35.pngWhat happened to my z suddenly? Battery draining like **bleep** for Google play services.. I switched off my wifi and data connection everything but still same result in android 4.3

Posts: 55
Registered: ‎2013-04-11

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Hi Johan


thank you for your fix, which seems to have resolved the Google Play happy


Howver "media" is now draining my battery since the Kit Kat update. It has used 53% of my battery today. Can you help?

Posts: 11
Registered: ‎2014-06-02

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

problem solved ??? this "solution" leads to misfunction of many apps, every one using localisation ! >50% of the utility of my phone ! we don't want to wait for a new version of Google... come on, please be client oriented ! our money went to Sony when we bought our devices... it's your job to deal with your subcontractors or providers, even if it's google... as far as I know, this version of Google Play Services works with many other phones... you should not have released this Kit Kat update on Xperia without serious testing...
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎2014-01-17

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

I'd go easy on Sony here. If you do a Google search, you'll see a number of other non-Sony phones are also experiencing the same issue with this latest Google Play services update, including many Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 users. What's super unfortunate for Sony was timing of that 4.4.52 update to their KitKat upgrade cycle for the 2013 Z series phones. So it looks like Sony's fault, but in reality it's pretty clear there's something that's happening on Google's end. 


What's crazy is that there are tons of forum posts over the last couple years pointing fingers at the GPS APK updates and it causing battery drain issues... 

Posts: 24
Registered: ‎2014-01-14

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

i got my kitkat update today

so far so good 

no issues at all except notification bar lag

no battery drain issues either

got the update from pc companin 

Posts: 8
Registered: ‎2014-05-25

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

If you don't want to downgrade Google Play Services, simply change to 'Device Only' instead of 'High Accuracy' or 'Battery Saving' on the Location Service. It disables some location-based features of Google Now but other than that, it works for me.


An additional bonus is I get much more use for my juice than I ever did before - even when the problem is fixed, I'll likely stay with this configuration as I'm not really bothered about those location-based features of Google Now.

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2014-06-05

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix


i have try the tip with you gave to help sovle the problem but it still using all my battery up even when im not using :-( 

What can i do now? im not happy as i need my phone for work

Posts: 58
Registered: ‎2013-08-14

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

I am another angry user who wants a real solution to this serious problem! angry