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Do not buy any smartphones from Sony

One time poster
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Do not buy any smartphones from Sony

Sony Mobile es una vergüenza que he mandado el teléfono 9 veces a reparar desde noviembre del año pasado estamos en agosto y sigue el terminal sin reparar es la novena vez que mando el teléfono a reparar el tenido que pagar la reparación porque se ha pasado la garantía con todo el tiempo que he mandado el teléfono a reparar y no lo han reparado no te dan ninguna solución ni cambiarlo por otro teléfono aunque no sea la misma marca Z ultra por otro teléfono Sony por eso aconsejo que no se compre ningún teléfono Sony porque al final vais a tener que pagar las reparaciones y no os van a solucionar nada o los van a dar estropeado sin reparar yo tengo 5 teléfonos Sony me pasó con otro teléfono al final tuve que comprar otro teléfono y ahora me pasa con el Z ultra es una vergüenza que Sony no tenga técnicos capaces de reparar los terminales O NO quiera repararlos para que compréis otro terminal.            MUCHAS. Gracias


Sony Mobile is a shame that I have sent the phone 9 times to repair since November last year we are in August and the terminal without repair is the ninth time that I send the phone to repair the had to pay the repair because it has passed the guarantee with all the time I have sent the phone to repair and have not repaired do not give you any solution or change it for another phone even if it is not the same brand Z ultra for another Sony phone so I advise you not to buy any Sony phone because at final you're going to have to pay for the repairs and they will not solve anything or they will get damaged without repair I have 5 Sony phones I passed with another phone in the end I had to buy another phone and now it happens to me with the ultra Z is a Shame that Sony does not have technicians able to repair the terminals OR DO NOT want to repair them to buy another terminal. MANY. Thank you



Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 3

Re: Do not buy any smartphones from Sony

Hi @Jbbringas, apologies for the late reply. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience.


When it comes to matters related to service and/or warranty these are best brought up with your Local support team. If you wish to take this further in any way I recommend that you contact them, they are better equipped to assist you with a case of this kind.


sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines.
If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

One time poster
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Message 3 of 3

Re: Do not buy any smartphones from Sony

Well, for what it's worth I'll write some of my experiences here and then people can judge for themselves.


Just because there is rather small SONY Xperia market share, SONY should not get away with the fact that they overflowed that share with crappy phones and NON-EXISTENT support.


So, let's take it from the beginning:


1) SONY Xperia M5 - I bought two pieces of this phone in the SONY shop and BOTH of them were defective.


Now, seriously, what are the chances of that. They BOTH had defective camera zooming and one had switching of error. After PLEEENTY of correspondence, I managed to return one and have the other one repaired. The whole back mask, together with the lenses, had to be replaced.


But, if you take a stroll through the internet, you will find NUMEROUS complaints about M5 Camera focus.


So the FACT is - SONY just put this DEFECTIVE phone on the market and literally TRICKED their own customers.


Who would do such a thing to their own customers?


2) SONY Xpria Z3 Compact - this phone suddenly lost touch screen responsitivity in the upper menu bar (when the phone is held vertically). When the phone is held horizontally, you can normaly (sc)roll down the menu bar. Furthermore, this happens only when the phone is - unlocked (when the PIN is entered). When the phone is locked, the menu can be (sc)rolled down normally. So it is obviously - a software error.


And that happens. It is not OK, but it does happen. And SONY, deceiving people as they do, even seemed to provide some sort of software support (software repair) option for this.




Furthest that I managed to get with this is - connecting to the server. AND IT NEVER CONNECTS. IT ALWAYS TIMES OUT AND GIVES FALSE ERROR. And I have tried from numerous servers and places on earth.


So, the fact is - SONY simply did not provide support for their own customers.


Now, again, who does that for their customers?


In this latter case, SONY actually had me at expense for 15 EUR because I had to take my phone to the repair shop. But guess what - THEY TOO WERE UNABLE TO REACH SOFTWARE REPAIR option. So now, I have to pay them for diagnostics.


So, from my own personal experience with 100% of SONY products that I own, I can wish only that the whole company goes where it was supposed to go - out of business.


The way you people tricked me, I cannot wish for anything but for you to loose your jobs.


After this, I will makwe it my mission on earth to tell as many people as I know about these experiences and divert them from buying anything branded SONY.


And with this post, I urge people to start avoiding SONY - right now.