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XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

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XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

I have been using this phone for 2 months. And I have several touchscreen responsiveness issues, which are also experienced by others in this post: Reddit. These issues occur with and without a screen protector.


1. Youtube: very difficult to get a response when touching the 3 dots in fullscreen mode, or to exit fullscreen. The touch area highlighted after a registered touch is off center from the button.

2. Switching the screen back on after a short sleep from homescreen, sometimes no icons are shown, only the wallpaper. Have to turn screen off and on again to get any icons.

3. In Wechat, turning off the screen and on again after a shortwhile, there is no response to any touch except home button, cannot enter any chats or any menus. After entering wechat again, the screen becomes responsive to touch again.

4. Some touches are unregistered when touching the screen or the back button in many apps. This is especially dangerous when driving and I need something from the map app.


I have:

1. Turned on force GPU rendering in 2D

2. Turned side sense off. Turned it back on and adjusted the sensitivity

3. Deleted Antivirus 

4. Changed animation scaled to .5x

5. Tried things in safe mode.

...all to no avail


I have checked many times when these issues appear that there is still anywhere from 1.9-2.3GB memory available. Restarting the phone clears the issues but they crop up again after a day or two. 


I really hope there is a firmware update for this soon. I am not the only one with this issue as evidenced by the Reddit post. I have had Sonys exclusively since 2013, but this is really killing my mojo for the Xperia 1. I hope Sony cares. My older XZ Premium is working like a champ. The XZ3 is beautiful and the hardware is top notch but this software optimization..comeon...this feels like 2011..


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Re: XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

I recognise what you mention about tapping on our near the side of the screen.

The curve makes it difficult to hit the spot.

I do not recognise the problems you have while driving. You won't have that problem anymore when you don't try to touch your phone while driving.

Maybe it can even save a life when you leave the phone as it is in the car.

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Re: XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

These problems are not confined to the side of the screen, however some of them are taking place there.


While I appreciate the effort to reply, it's not particularly pleasant to read your reply regarding problems while driving. While generally speaking staying away from the phone is the best choice while driving, if you use your phone's map app while driving (which many people have to do these days), you sometimes do need to touch the phone to request updated info. The phone's non responsiveness to touch in certain areas and lag is what makes it dangerous as it doesnt respond as you need it to, and I will need to spend more time than necessary on it to get the response I need.


I hope as a senior member of this forum you will recognize the problem being discussed, which is the phone, and that it will lead to Sony fixing it which will generally make their product safer to use in all situations and for more people, as you cannot control from your keyboard how users will use their phones.

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Re: XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

If he had his phone mounted to the dashboard there's nothing wrong with skipping a music track, using maps of declining a phone call.

This isnt the first time your answer to a problem is "don't do that" and it's silly, if you don't have an answer you don't have to answer, you certainly don't have to tell him what he can and can't do with his own phone.

You put a lot of effort in this place and it's appreciated, but if you don't have an answer you don't have to make one up.


With regards to the issues at hand the only one I've suffered with is the youtube one, them three dots are a pain to press but I'm not sure a software fix would be possible, it's more of a design issue.

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Re: XZ3 Screen Touch Responsiveness and Lag

Looks like several Xperia 10 and 10 plus users are having the same issue. So unfortunately it isn't limited to the xz3 and maybe Sony's implementation of Pie.

Issue occurs multiple times a day, unfortunately not reproducable by Sony repaircenter. Factory resets not helping