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Should I Buy?

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Message 1 of 2

Should I Buy?

I've been considering getting a new phone for a while now as my S8's battery life has fallen off a cliff and the screen also has a minor crack.


My Xperia Z3 is probably my favourite phone I've ever had and I've always been tempted by going back to Sony. I've heard some brilliant things regarding the screen but wondered if anyone could tell me what the camera and battery life are like on this phone? The S8 has a very good camera and I would want something that is at least on a par with that.


I'm toying with the idea of getting this or waiting until April for the P20 Pro's successor. Would really appreciate any user opinions of the XZ3 to help inform my decision. 

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Re: Should I Buy?

I can advise to search for youtube videos comparing the camera, screen and other stuff that will help with your decision. 


The last Galaxy I used was 6, so I can't speak from personal experience, but obviously a lot of people I know have the latest Galaxies and when I add to that what I've seen in comparison videos, I can't imagine you will be dissapointed.


The screen is brilliant, speakers are really great, the whole experience is very smooth and polished. You get to play around with some gimmicks like Side Sense and Dynamic Vibration (and then you'll probably switch it off forever lol).

The camera is very very good. I've seen comparisons in which it beats the S9+ camera. 4K HDR video is beautiful, best you can get, and the same goes for slow-motion. Another thing that is under-appreciated are the camera extensions you can install from Sony, timelapse, bokeh, motion shot..., all very fun stuff. The XZ2 Premium has better low-light and portrait mode, but honestly, this camera is a beast too. 

The battery is fine. Could be better, Sony used to set the standard for batteries, so it's slightly disappointing, but I've had mine for over a week and battery life is consistent and will get you through the day easily with juice to spare.


I'm a Sony fan, but a realistic one, and if this phone didn't really impress me, I wouldn't have gotten it, that's why I didn't upgrade since the beast that is XZ Premium, and this is truly a great upgrade from it.