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People can't hear me during phone calling (XZ3)

One time poster
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People can't hear me during phone calling (XZ3)


I am (was?) a happy person who has the Xperia XZ3.
I have a problem when I speak to someone during phone calls. Sometimes the second person doesn't hear me. I thought It could be a problem with software so I used Xperia companion and I repair software (twice).

The problem still occurs.
I suspect this could be a problem from the beginning since I purchased a smartphone.
Had anyone a similar issue?

I have noticed I don't have that problem when I use a loudspeaker system.

What left to do? Use the warranty? I ask you because I don't want to part with my smartphone.

Kind regards,


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Re: People can't hear me during phone calling (XZ3)

Friend I have the same problem. I was going to send my phone for repair tomorrow but now that I saw this I think it may be a software issue. So my problem is this; My main microphone (the one next to the charger) started disfunctioning this month and it got VERY bad last week. At the beginning It was just low sensitivity and people told I sounded like I was away from phone. But now no one hears me through the main microphone. Also the main microphone doesn't record audio when recording video (only the secondary mic records thus playing only on the left speaker). I downloaded Sony's Audio Recorder app and it doesn't record there either, only the secondary speaker at the top does. Which is the microphone that used when talking with the loudspeaker, that's why you don't have that problem. Finally, I tried the Xperia media test from the Support app and the test always fails IMMEDIATELY when the microphone part comes in. I did 3 software repairs but it didn't fix a thing. Could you please try the same things I did and tell me your results?? 

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Re: People can't hear me during phone calling (XZ3)

Hi @Sethuna

Would you mind to try to switch off OK Google (Google assistant) for a while.

Turn off its voice recognition as well.

I found this possible workaround on another thread on this forum.


And I am sure the developers will notice your problem. They have the moderators and @Jonas whispering in their ears when problems occur.


who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Re: People can't hear me during phone calling (XZ3)

I have turned it off but can't see any difference. I'll leave it off for a day but I don't think it has something to do with our issue.