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New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful

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New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful

Very disappointing new camera app, clear and total Samsung copy.


It lost its minimalism becoming extremely full of icons, more intrusive on 16:9 displays. Plus, now manual mode is no more primary function but hided inside MODE button as SlowMo; they are considered now second fuctions as Panorama or AR effect: very bad considering Sony profesisonal photographer address! With old version, one slide down from opened app and there was immediately on Manula Mode; now must be open MODE button and choose it: it is a joke!


Another joke are the new MODE icons, they have a toy design, it seams designed for childs: very disappointing!


Sony choose the way to copy Samsung to try sell loosing its identity and uniqueness from displays to new camera app interface. For real Sony fan, it is a death.



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Re: New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful



I want to see the full new camera UI before an opinion


I don't like the current UI, think about this:


Open the camera > you are on Auto > swipe down to manual > so far it's ok, but then you want to record a video Angry Face you have to swipe twice to get there, and NO, you can't do it fast, you have to wait to load Superior Auto then swipe again to get to video, and once more if you want to get to panorama


Now that's irritating, I take a lot of pictures and it's really annoying switching cameras like that



The way around:


Open Superior Auto/Manual > Swipe passing video to more cameras > open Panorama > now you can switch between cameras using the task manager button at the bottom of the screen. It's not ideal but it gets the job done switching from Panoramic to Manual/Superior Auto. 



I want to know if this was addressed on the XZ3's camera UI or we still have to fight through the UI


I really hope Sony brings back the cameraS widget, it was great to have the widget with 4 different cameras preset

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Re: New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful

I also hope that Sony will have a setting to disable Quick Launch of the camera, especially now that holding the phone horizontally will do this.


I was shocked when I found out that Sony had removed the option to disable Quick Launch from Lockscreen in the XZ2 phones.

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Main camera compared to XZ1. Is there still hope?

Hello fellas,

I was looking at the specs of the XZ3's main camera compared to the XZ1, and hardware-wise, they seem to be the same. 
I see that XZ3 has some AI functions and processing as an advantage and I was wondering:
Couldn't Sony just upgrade the processing of the photos for the XZ1 series along with the Android Pie that will come?

*I know that this is not their main focus, it's just a matter of "respect" for the customers with good HW and  SW for the camera. :smileysmileythumbsup:

Take care! Grinning Face with smiling Eyes

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Re: Main camera compared to XZ1. Is there still hope?

Hi @Mano_Z3C


We could possibly see older models get the new Camera UI. Other improvements only time will tell.

Diogo Simões

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Re: Main camera compared to XZ1. Is there still hope?

It seems like that.. Going through the specs it's almost the same as XZ1, not mentioning CPU change, but mainly... That might suggest AI and all the rest is just a software written to the camera We know from older models. Is XZ1 going to be corrected by software?

Yes. there is a chance, if Q 835 socket can handle it like Q 845.
I think it's cheaper to write software once and copy-paste it to other devices, so there won't be much difference between XZ1 Pie and XZ3 Pie, XZ1 won't have side pop-up menu for sure, the screen is not bended like new ones, but rest... should be comparable.

>> Xperia XZ1 user, help-ful with knowledge he has;>>
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Re: New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful

I have option to desable Quick Launch on XZ2 Premium.

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Message 8 of 8

Re: New camera app: copied, intrusive, less intuitive, less useful

That ui Looks nothing like the Samsung ui.

Looks more like the HTC ui if anything.

You'll find the Samsung ui is very similar to the iPhone ui..

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