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My XZ3 is very unreliable

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: My XZ3 is very unreliable

Okay so here's the results :


I better-placed my SD card in the slot, and effectively the phone was absolutement stable like I wanted to. So thank you for your point ! Slightly smiling Face


Nevertheless, I noticed another little probleme, I actually listen to a lot of music with my earbuds (the ones that came with the XZ3), and I can hear pops once in a while. Sometimes it's once every 1 min, sometimes less, and sometimes never. 

Have you herd of this problem ?


Once again, thank you !

Message 12 of 13
Message 12 of 13

Re: My XZ3 is very unreliable

Great to hear that your XZ3 is now running as it should Slightly smiling Face


Regarding your "pops": Could it be notification sounds (like from facebook or similar) you are hearing in the background?

Also some faulty MP3s can make strange noises but these should happen always at the same time in the same song.


Apart from these I have no idea. Never heard of it but I've never used earbuds that come with phones anyway, because usually they don't sound that good. If you are listening to music alot it might be a good idea to invest in some good bluetooth headphone.

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Message 13 of 13

Re: My XZ3 is very unreliable

Hello !

No it cannot be notifications sounds since they sound like little crackles, a bit like if you moved a faulty analog jack inside its port Slightly smiling Face

anyway since I lost my USB-C to Jack adapter I use bluetooth headphones, so for now it's less of a big deal.


Thank you !