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Fingerprint sensor position - it is such a shame.....

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Fingerprint sensor position - it is such a shame.....

Hey there,


doesn´t fit really in any category. So i choosed a new Device type.


I am a really a self called "hardcore Sony User". All Phone i had since the SonyEricson W800 was made by Sony. I loved them all. One of the best features was the position of the Fingerprintsensor. Z5 X Performance, XZ, XZ1, XZ1 Premium - all this was my Phones and all was so great and intuitive to unlock. No need to move device if it was laying on the Table. Device mounted in the Car - simple unlocking. I could find many situations more where this position was so useful. The XZ2 was born and my beloved sensor was gone to the back. I had a little hope that Sony maybe will hear what there users think and change this back. But they did not. Now i have XZ3 - a really great device - Display, performance, really good work.

Now i will come to the point. Yesterday i was reading some news Sites and i could not believe what i gotz aware on one of this Sites. Samsung now released the A9. One of there so called "Top features" is the position of the Fingerprint. 

Sony please i can really cry if i see all the features you had already, stoped them and then another Company comes with "great new features" which are already known by all of us Sony Users but most of them was already gone. You don´t get more Users if you try to be more like other.

What became to: It´s not a trick - it´s a Sony????????

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Re: Fingerprint sensor position - it is such a shame.....

I totally agree, after using the side sensor on my XZ Premium this feels so weird and out of place. 

Now, I don't know what the story with the fingerprint sensor is, but Sony had problems having it on their devices in the US. Maaaybe the reason was because another company patented that position or a similar situation...

Funny thing is, the new Google Slate tablet has the fingerprint sensor that looks exactly like the Sony one on the side... It's all very weird.

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Re: Fingerprint sensor position - it is such a shame.....

Yep agree 100%. 


The lock button on the side that also doubled as a finger scanner has been sorely underrated. It was a positively genius bit of design - now that I have this terrible back button (directly next to the camera lens!!!) to compare it to. 


A shame indeed. Sony copying other big-brand trends isn't going to win the competitor users to their device. It only alienates the Sony users. If we wanted a Samsung or Pixel then we'd simply buy one!