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Disabling the protective case screen sensor?

One time poster
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Message 1 of 3

Disabling the protective case screen sensor?

Is the protective case sensor different from the proximity sensor (it appears to be) and how do I disable it. 


I am fed up with my phone waking up whilst being carried in rucksack and screen icons being activated by case cover... 


Is there a way to keep my screen off in standby, ? If not, then this is major design flaw. 

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Re: Disabling the protective case screen sensor?

Not exactly sure what you mean that screen icons are activated while the phone is in the backpack. If there is no skin touching the screen, then nothing should be possible to be pressed.


There is an option in Settings --> Display --> Advanced --> Avoid unintended operation when screen is off. You should activate it and see if this helps with your problem.


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Re: Disabling the protective case screen sensor?

A Sony Style Cover touch has a little magnet in the front cover.

When you open the cover the screen wakes up.

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