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XZ2 can't connect to home WiFi

One time poster
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Message 1 of 3

XZ2 can't connect to home WiFi

My new XZ2 can't connect to the home WiFi network. It has no problem with most other Wifi networks.

I have changed passwords of the router, reset the router, several times. i have made my phone forget the network and reset the network setting. I went into the system WiFi app and clear the cache, even though that didn't make the phone forget the network on its own. I did it several time in combination with forgetting the network first.


I am not misspelling the password.




 after teaching the phone the password and letting it try connecting it first jumps between connecting and saved. Sometime authenticating blinks up for a fraction of a second.









Then the phone freaks out and kills all other WiFi networks in the list and my home network switched between connecting and not beeing seen.


Sometimes hotel WiFis blink in and out of the list and connection after logging into it.


I am not willing to reset the phone and loose all my data or do a tone of work to backup data manual from my work apps.


What can i do other than a factory reset of the phone?


Please help.

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Re: XZ2 can't connect to home WiFi

I would start to look at your wifi-router if your phone connects fine to other wifi networks.

Reboot router and test connectivity after each change made.


-Check to see if an update for the router is available

-Check settings on wifi; 2.4Ghz or 5GHZ if it has both. Try disabling one and see if phone connects, then the other one.

-Check bandwith-settings on the router

-Check wifi-channels settings on router and use standard 1-6-11 channels incl dedicated control channel. 

One time poster
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Message 3 of 3

Re: XZ2 can't connect to home WiFi

It's a known issue with Easybox routers. I heard it's not fixed yet, but there's a workaround by changing the security setting of a router to WPA. It's very insecure though. 


This website explains how to do it, but It's written in German.