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Touch sensitivity issue

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Message 1 of 4

Touch sensitivity issue

I own both XZ2 and XZ Premium. XZ2 is a flagship model with top notch LCD screen, even better than XZP. But I can't type as fast and accurate on XZ2 as on XZP.

I wonder if engineers actually use this device themselves because obviously touch experience on XZ2 is really poor, always run into type errors. Also there's no significant improvement after Pie update.

This is not my unique problem. It makes no sense for flagship to have such bad experience on such basic functionality. Please fix this sensitivity issue!

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Re: Touch sensitivity issue

What is it, is it lagging or are you mistyping maybe.

Check it.

Goto settings->system->about phone and tap several times on build number

Developer option will appear.

Go back to system and tap on developer options.

There you will find Input: Show taps

After that you will know if you're tapping where you intend to tap.



Did you know that on top of settings there is a search bar?

type what you're searching for and it will pop up.

Can't find what you want?

Type another word that is similar.



Did you try swiping?

Once used to it you will love it.

It outperforms typing.


who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Re: Touch sensitivity issue

Same as my device, I have been opened tap to show option, and it shows like this:

Sometimes I click a button, it shows my press and I can see the button animation, but it doesn't enable, you have to press that button again and again till it works.

It really makes it frustrating to use when it's gaming or typing.

In fact I was missing a lotta letters when I'm typing this reply. And I have to make a double check to make sure I didn't miss a letter.


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Message 4 of 4

Re: Touch sensitivity issue

I too facing the same issue... So please take this seriously and let me know if you have anything to do.. Sony.... Please help us out..



Thanks for the help