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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Issues XZ2

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Message 1 of 4

Issues XZ2



I just bought an XZ2 for my wife,

- first of all - sont xperia transfer app is crashing all time

- it cannot copy over data from iphone - either wirelessly nor via cable which Sony costs in PL 160pln and samsung gives it for free.

- the xperia transfer app hasnt got a shorcut as its unavailable from the app menu, the only way to open is to go to play store and open it from there (sony store guys were baffled and couldn believe this sic!)

- when you try to send an mms the pic quality is sh*t when converted it was tje same with xz premium, samsung or iphone have no issie with that and ypu cant change tje compression type

- you cant turn on the mms to multiple ppl option, the phone says to turn the option on in the tje options menu but tere is no option like this ( somy store guys baffled again, couldnt find it too) 

- the covers for the phone are unavailable and when ordering from the online store tjey are being cancelled


Shame Sony Shame wife wants to buy a new iphone when will be announced, had few sonys before but having so many issues feels really dissapointed.


Hope you can help


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Re: Issues XZ2



About Xperia Transfer


It is embedded under Backup & Restore, in Settings > System. Another way to find it is open Settings, touch the search magnifying glass icon on the top right corner and type Transfer (this way you can find anything you want under Settings without going through each sub menu).

I have used many times Xperia Transfer and it has always worked as expected. Too bad it did not work for you. 

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Message 3 of 4

Re: Issues XZ2

Thanks for your reply,


I used the XTM too while going from Z2 to XZpremium

Though now its not working abd crashin, and the magnifying glass doesnt show the XTM in XZ2. 

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Message 4 of 4

Re: Issues XZ2

Hi @Spidy11061989;


Hope I can help:

-Try clearing app cache and data and restart the phone, if that doesn't work try using the app not transfering apps data, if even that doesn't work try using Xperia Companion to transfer data between phones;

-Never had an Iphone but to my knowledge both Xperia Transfer and Xperia Companion can be used to transfer data from Iphones (probably not all the data);

-As @Roadrunny76 mention the Xperia transfer is now in the Settings menu under System>Xperia Backup and Restore or under Xperia Assist>Introduction to Xperia;

-From what I heard (I don't use MMS to send pictures) efectively the Messages app from Google downsize pictures quality (that is also a network and MMS limitation) but there are other message apps from Google Play store that doesn't do it so much;

-Regarding the MMS Group option open the Message app>top right 3 dots>settings>Select your number>Group Messages should be the first or second option;

-You can get covers for the XZ2 in many sites like for example Ebay.

Hope I could help in some aspects.