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Connecting to a vehicle via aux cord ( Phone calls not hearing outgoing traffic)

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Connecting to a vehicle via aux cord ( Phone calls not hearing outgoing traffic)

I have been a fan of sony since my first one in 2011. HOWEVER now with this new USB-C and no heaphone jack i might be returning my phone after having it for 2 months. 

Here is why. My vehicle is older and does not have bluetooth in the radio. So I use a Male-Male Aux cord to plug into my headphone port via USB-C Adapter and thus into my vehicle Aux port.

In the past i have not had a problem sending and receiving phone calls through my vehicle sound system ( with previous sony phones). people could hear me and i could hear them. NOW with this phone i can hear them, but they can not hear me ( so i found out when people woulld hang up on me ). 

This is very inconvenient to me. Is there something i am doing wrong? Is there an app i need to get? 


This is my last straw. So if you can not help me, this will be the end of my time with this phone. 


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Re: Connecting to a vehicle via aux cord ( Phone calls not hearing outgoing traffic)

Good morning,

I believe this issue is happening because the phone is assuming a headset once a USB-C to AUX adapter is plugged in. So the phone does not only send analog audio data via the adapter, it also expects to receive the microphone data as input and the phone's internal microphones are muted.


Since your car doesn't have a microphone there is no microphone signal for the phone.


You would need an USB-C to AUX adapter that only transfers audio without having the contact pin for an external microphone but I'm not sure this exists.


The common solution for cars without bluetooth connection is be a bluetooth-adapter (ca. €15) that is being plugged into the AUX port of your car and receives the bluetooth-stream from your phone.

Audio will go through the car's speakers and calls would go through your phone.