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Bluetooth stuttering issues with the codec AAC

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Message 1 of 3

Bluetooth stuttering issues with the codec AAC

Since the Update to Build 52.0.A.3.163 I have some annoying Bluetooth-Issues. Now - at Build 52.0.A.8.14 the problem is still not fixed.

As soon as I start my Car (BMW, HiFI Audio System) Bluetooth autmatically connects with my XZ2.
After a few seconds i can hear the sound stuttering or the Playback speed varies. Really annoying.
I found out that this the problem has to do with the audio codec. After every connect the Codec is auto-set to "AAC".

A little workaround is to change the Bluetooth-Audio-Coded zu "SBC" in the Developer Options. But the annoying thing about this workaround is, that you have to repeat this every time you reconnect. I can't manage it to make the SBC-Codec sticky.
The following steps I have tried so far
* Smartphone Factory Reset (with my pc)
* called sony customer care (they dont know anything)
* completely reset of the BMW
* Tryed all AVRCP-versions in the Dev-settings (1.4 workst best but still stuttering)
* connected other Phones to my cars HiFi (no problems there), to exclude prolems with my car's HiFi


The Problems are also described here:
* (german)



Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this? Many Xperia devices seem to have this problems..


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Message 2 of 3

Re: Bluetooth stuttering issues with the codec AAC

I'm in the same boat on my XZ3, does it effect streaming quality at all?

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Bluetooth stuttering issues with the codec AAC

I am facing exact the same issues, so annoying. Already contacted sony for several times, but they are not able to solve the problem. I never wanted to have a apple device, but at the moment it seems like they are the only ones who really produce error free smartphones....