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Bluetooth/NFC Pairing issues

Message 1 of 4
Message 1 of 4

Bluetooth/NFC Pairing issues

I just change my phone from Xperia z5 to Xperia xz2 last night.

I use some gadgets with my phone like bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth car audio and bluetooth hands-free.

I have seen many post about Bluetooth/NFC pairing issues, but my case it's like this:

With the Xperia z5 all the gadgets were working right, but not with the Xperia xz2.

I tried to change Bluetooth AVRCP Version, but not worked.


                                                                                               Z5                      XZ2
Car Audio Seat Leon                                                          Yes                      Yes
Bluetooth Speaker/Sound Bar Sony MT300                  Yes                      Yes
Bluetooth headphones Sony NWZ-WS615                      Yes                      No
Bluetooth hands-free Sony MBH20                                 Yes                       No


About the headphones and the hands-free, the Xperia XZ2 doesn't even detect them by bluetooth or NFC also.


Any idea?


I'll appreciate your comments.


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Message 2 of 4

Re: Bluetooth/NFC Pairing issues

Perhaps there are some special features with the headphones and handsfree that require special bluetooth-pairing methods? (factory reset/un-pairing procedures before pairing again, etc)


Check if you need to delete current pairing with your Z5  and enable pairing mode on the units to see if they become visible on the XZ2.

Message 3 of 4
Message 3 of 4

Re: Bluetooth/NFC Pairing issues

It worked bro!

Somehow also the gadgets (and the cell phone of course) with no screen need to delete the cell phone paired previously.


Thanks for your time bro.

Message 4 of 4
Message 4 of 4

Re: Bluetooth/NFC Pairing issues

No worries, glad you sorted it out.Smiling Face with Sunglasses