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Android 9 causes apps to freeze and crash.

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Android 9 causes apps to freeze and crash.

Ever since my phone updated to Android 9 my phone has had nothing but problems. Facebook, Google Chrome, grubhub delivery driver, caviar delivery driver all freeze and I have to restart the app. I use my phone as my main source of income. This only started happening after I updated to Android 9. Facebook also doesn't allow me to post gifs sometimes but that is a minor concern compared to the apps I use for work (grubhub/caviar). Help! This is going to force me to buy a new phone, I paid $$ for this phone when it first came out(799 msrp) and Android 9 bricked my phone and then after talking to you guys the first time and doing a clean install I can make calls and use the Bluetooth but apps constantly freeze and I have to constantly restart my phone. Needless to say if I have to buy a new phone you can permanently consider me a lost customer.

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Re: Android 9 causes apps to freeze and crash.

Android 9 does not cause such issues, I assure you, as I'm already on Android 9 and so are many of my friends.

That being said, we can't rule out a software issue, as sometimes something goes wrong when a "big" update is installed.

Two possible causes:

1. The firmware of your phone has a problem. I'd recommend to backup your data and use the Xperia PC Companion to do a software repair. By doing this the complete firmware will be flashed again, so if any problem existed with the current installation they should be gone then.

2. You have an app installed which is causing problems in the background that result into issues with other apps and tasks. After doing the software repair just install the necessary apps and use the phone for a while. If no issues occur then install the additional apps one by one to see if and when the problems occur.


If these steps don't help then it might be a hardware problem and the phone should be replaced under warranty. Contact your local Sony support.

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Message 3 of 4

Re: Android 9 causes apps to freeze and crash.

I agree with @skycamefalling however I'd also like to add:


3 the apps you're using haven't been updated to fully support android 9.



This happens more often than people realise and can be the cause of many issues on software updates.


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One time poster
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Message 4 of 4

Re: Android 9 causes apps to freeze and crash.

I had similer problem on my sony xperia z2 tablet, running android 6.1. I tried everything including factory reset. I then used safe mode, which indicated an app problem. I force stopped the first app and this was the problem app. IT WAS SONY ACCOUNT MANAGER!! 

IT was a pre intalled app so just disabled IT. No problems now.