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USB-C HDMI support - Why has this been disabled?

Message 21 of 24
Message 21 of 24

Re: USB-C HDMI support - Why has this been disabled?

On Tuesday, March 12th 2019,I will be performing at a poetry and arts event. I want to be able to broadcast a YouTube video of a poem of mine, called Orange Slice Ships through a projector. Is it even possible to do so? And if it is tell me please exactly what I need. Thank you. I am nervous about what I have been reading here. I have an Xz2 Compact. I bought it in January. 

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Message 22 of 24

Re: USB-C HDMI support - Why has this been disabled?

Hi @Danin 

Did you succeed?

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Message 23 of 24

Re: USB-C HDMI support - Why has this been disabled?

Really Sony? You will grab your money to disable automatic feature and forbidden the MHL support to us? Even the biggest chinese crap can do this and they can support everything that this port and processor can do and you, proud Japanese will start do this...I dont even know how to say it non-vulgary...okay, my XZ2 Compact is the last Sony phone, if your targer is to throw away all loyal customers of yours, let it be in your way.

First google it, then ask for it... Winking Face
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Message 24 of 24

Re: USB-C HDMI support - Why has this been disabled?

must admit this is pretty poor from Sony 


although it has to be said that with wifi speeds much faster these day there are still options but why take one away ?