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XZ1 shuts down on car charger

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XZ1 shuts down on car charger

Hi there, new on here, please be gentle!


This is a new one on me as far as phones are concerned. Occasionally my XZ1 shuts down when plugged into my Sony fast car charger. On average once in every 6 times it's plugged in. There's no moisture in the port, the phone has not been wet once in the past 3 months.


Its a nuisance as I spend a lot of time in the car and unless I'm using Bluetooth audio or checking the screen in the car, it can be off for quite a while before I notice it. The phones on build 47.1.A.5.51 with the November security update.


Oh, along with a lot of other folks on here, I'm having the same problem with Bluetooth meta data not showing up on the cars display. Just adding my tuppence worth to that list!


Other than that I'm seriously impressed with this phone, my first Sony since the z3. In general day to day use (out of the car!), I'd put it ahead of the Samsung s8 I was using before. Love the feel, the build quality, the side mounted fingerprint sensor, the music / podcast playback through headphones, the screen brightness etc etc... 

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Re: XZ1 shuts down on car charger

The shutting down maybe due to the (type of cable) you use.

The solution for Bluetooth has been explained before on this forum.

  1. Unpair both devices from each other.
  2. Go to Settings -> About phone -> tap multiple times on "Build number" until you enable "Developer options"
  3. Go back to Settings -> Developer options -> Networking -> Bluetooth AVRCP Version -> Choose AVRCP 1.4 or 1.5
  4. Restart your phone
  5. Pair devices and test.

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Re: XZ1 shuts down on car charger

Thanks for your reply, the cable I'm using in the car is the Sony cable that came with the phone. Use an Anker cable with the charging brick in the house. It's just very unusual behaviour, the phone doesn't reboot, just shuts down. 


And thanks too, had already tried the Bluetooth solution, it sometimes displays metadata, most times nothing is displayed, sometimes a garbled list of numbers and letters. Looks like I'm just gonna have to live with it! 

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Re: XZ1 shuts down on car charger

It could be that the Sony Fast car charger itself is faulty. One thing to try is get a third party car charger, a fairly known brand like Belkin or Anker. See if it happens with one of them. 
Any of your family/friends got a charger you could borrow for a week or 2?