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XZ1 Battery Drain

Message 11 of 18
Message 11 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

Hello guys,


So, I had a battery performance and alarm clock issue last time I posted here, just like you guys.


Since my phone was still within one week warranty at that time, I had called the Sony Service Centre and Sony Customer Service.


Coming from Sony Customer Service, no replacement policy for any phone defect and the guy there suggested me to run the XZ1 using Xperia Companion and install the new software. It is to make sure that those battery drainage wasnt caused by the software itself. But if the situation still persisted even after the new software had been installed, then by that, you should bring your phone to Service Centre for any fixing.


And coming from authorized Sony Service Centre, she said I should bring my phone within one week of purchase and they would request for a new device if it really the hardware itself is broken.


So, I had decide to bring it first to Service Centre without running any software repair on my own. The guy there had installed a new and latest software into my XZ1 and been tested, they recharge my phone to max and using it (play games, video streaming and all) and the battery is good.


Now, the battery performance is good like it should be, and the alarm clock issue has been fixed too!


Im a happy woman now haha, and sorry if my post is quite long :p

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Message 12 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

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Message 13 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

Got the June security update Thursday.... and both Friday and today the phone is draining like a boat with a big hole in the bottom...   really noticeble compared to any time since i switched it the phone on on launch day. 

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Message 14 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

My phone is only 4 weeks old,after update on Friday it has drained battery overnight. 100% at midnight,out of charge by 9 AM. On Airplane mode and stamina activated.

The battery has always discharged quickly for a new phone,but overnight to zero,something far from right.

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Message 15 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain


Phone was fully charged at 9am. I've been at work, on WiFi, hardly used my phone all day. Bluetooth is off. No streaming. No music. This has only started happening in the last week. 

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Message 16 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain



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Message 17 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

Have you tried turning wifi off and seeing what it does?

Your wifi signal bars are very low which may mean it is using a lot of power to stay connected.


turn wifi off.  see how many bars you have for 3G/4G   and if strong, see if your power drain is better.


next...   charge your phone up in the evening and put the phone into airplane mode (also make sure nfc & bluetooth are off).   do not touch it for 12 hours and see where the battery is....  it should not have moved much as it will be disconnected from communicating with any network (phone or wifi) & the screen will not have been woken.  if battery level is dramatically down then there is a problem.  if not then the problem in power drain is through communication activity related use...  that is when you turn on and test the same via wifi only or phone network only... 

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Message 18 of 18

Re: XZ1 Battery Drain

(For information purposes only: I’ve had EVERY Ericsson/Sony Ericsson/Sony phone since Ericsson T28 and my last/previous Sony was a Z5 Compact. It was 11 phones with Sony in it’s name last I checked. I then moved to the dark side and I’ve had two iphones since. I might be a borderline Sony Fanboy and I’m definitely not a noob. I bought the XZ1 to test Sony quality and Android usability, it was a very decent phone on paper still and price was incredible. 


I’ve been using it for 3-4 months now with little or no problems...well except wifi connectivity issues at random for no apparent reason)



Two days ago i updated FW to latest build (47.2.A.10.80). I did this via phone, OTA update. That day, I noticed the phone was getting hot in my pocket. I didn’t check if anything was wrong, I just remember noticing on several occasions. Coming home, I noticed severe battery drainage. I guessed screen must have been on or an app hanging/looping in the CPU. I rebooted phone, charged it fully around 18:00. I didn’t use phone much, but did use a radio app with sleep enabled in 45 min. Then went to bed and missed my alarm the next day. The phone displayed the red battery symbol. I thought it was the radio app not turning off. Funny I thought, recharged fully.


The next day I noticed phone getting hot, so I started checking it more often. Severe battery drainage. In 5 min with screen off, I lost 2% battery. Checking battery usage/app usage, nothing out of place. App usage showed normal percentages, while battery was a lot more drained. As screen was on, I could actually see battery % dropping another two % within a few minutes. I rebooted, then turned off for a few minutes, recharged etc. Still happened. Battery went from all day to one hour.


These are things I noticed:


- Phone getting hot while screen is off

- Battery dropping rapidly, while looking at battery % and screen off.

- Extreme slow charge, took over 4 hrs to reach around 80%. (Supplied charger and cable)

- Charge would stop/hover around 90% and stopping. Phone reported full charge (via time since last full charge). 

- Turning phone off, it would charge above 90%, but still extremely slow.

- Connecting to an external (Sony) battery, phone charged rapidly to 100%.

- Phone still decharging rapidly. Supplied charger slow, several external batteries faster.


Info :


- I’ve only updated OTA

- Only used supplied offical charger and cable

- Some external batteries for top up

- Problems started after last update

- I’ve reset phone, but not complete flash via tool.

- Never dropped, not a single scratch.

- Tried several charge cycles

- Done all the regular hoopla, update of other apps etc.


Thoughts :


- I don’t understand how a security update can affect the battery such (perhaps its USB-C related?)

- It appears to be two problems, slow charge and fast discharge.

- Why is external battery faster to charge?

- Power control function problem? CPU loop problem? Rouge app?

- Reported battery usage and actual battery drainage does not compute. They are not correlating.


All phones get bugs and bad updates. The iPhone did too. But Apple always fixed it swiftly. I don’t have the same confidence in Sony, for varying reasons, also own experiences. A phone is extremely important and a functioning phone is more important than phone functions. Trust is the last thing Sony Mobile can loose. Basically, it’s people,like me who’ve kept Sony afloat. People listen to my advice and right now I cant recommend Sony. They’ve made many wrong decisions and lost market share, but trust was always there. I’m just saying, don’t think anyone at Sony will read this. But I believe if they listened more to their user base, they wouldn’t be in this predicament.


Would be a shame to loose Sony.....would I buy a new Sony....?