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Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list

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Message 41 of 46

Re: Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list

Hi there, I also have an xperia XZ1 Compact (same sensor so, I chose to post here, since it makes no difference) and I'm a long and proud sony customer.


But in the last few years I felt like being left alone with my problems, with the camera app and quality.


There has been the issue with overly bad processed images over the past few years, that hasn't been addressed and became worse and worse from generation to generation. 


Coming to a point where I can say that my old Xperia S made better pictures then my new Xperia XZ, and where all of my sony friends and even my mother switched from Sony to other brands with less camera related issues. (And boy do they mock me with their "better photos")

I rentured my Xperia XZ in January and bought the new Xperia XZ1 Compact, hearing that all camera even more importantly the overheating issues were resolved...

Though I can say that the overheating isn't an issue at all now and that the camera lenses and sensor is much better than before, I still feel like having a low end 100€ China phone, like my brother, when it comes to photos.


Processing and sharpness

Photos come at a great resolution, but with very low to no details even in perfect lightning conditions, due to this Overly aggressive noise reduction and Sharpening filter, that kills all the details even in below 100 ISO.


Colors and White Balancing

And even worse when comparing more difficult lighting. One by one with the galaxy S8 there is a crippled dynamic range, and even when turning HDR on, on the Sony phone, it won't even come near to the clarity, color accuracy and dynamic range of the S8.


Every time I or a friend contacted Sony customer support, there was just the response: look at these tipps or send in your device for repair.

Can a mod maybe tell us if there are any existing plans on changing and improving the algorithms used in software or at least enable RAW support to get a raw image to at least make great images at the computer afterwards? That would be a great help.


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Message 42 of 46

Re: Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list

It's annoying how cheaper phones like Xiaomi can produce better images in low light on a tripod just because they allow for 30 seconds instead of 1 second exposure time.

Surely annoying how iPhone can shoot at iso 20 while Sony only goes as low as iso 40.

Annoying how actual iPhones, HTC U11 and Google Pixel can shoot HDR without any detail loss, but shooting in HDR on Xperia adds extra detail loss.

Annoying how the ugly Noise Reduction, that's being marketed as the almighty BIONZ, destroys fine detail and turns grass and leaves into mess even in perfect light conditions (iso 40, 1/2000s).

And it's been like that since Z1 (Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, XP, XZ, XZ1 - 7 generations).


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Message 43 of 46

Re: Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list


Resolved Sony XZ1 camera bad quality issue ... I've purchased RX100M3

So, I would like to share my Sony experience. Above is mine comment (about RX100M3).
Some time ago, I purchased Sony XZ1 Compact. I was not satisfied with XZ1 smartphone photo quality, because it is really bad (if you remember Sony announced that photos are great). So, since I want to do trip to China I plan to make good photos and I decided to purchase Sony RX100M3 and I did that about 1 month ago.

I was happy with Sony RX100M3 and I made about 250 photos and 15 minutes video during 1 month (not so much), and today Sony RX100M3 doesn't work properly - constain noise like (like fan noise). Today, I send Sony RX100M3 to warranty and it will take much when they will give me fixed photo camera.

The problem like in this article, but loud noise (all this noise also recorded on video).

So, what to say .... Sony, I really really really disappointed quality of your products, not only smartphones, but also photo camera. You make me too many problems with your devices. I do not know what device I need to use when I will trip to China now...... Possible I will never buy Sony.


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Re: Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list

From the start i'm bought my first Xperia Z and then buying a new Xperia XZ1, i really hope that Sony open with (us) the customer and hear what's the customer really wanted and yeah i know is not as simple as we talk but honestly it is should be an easy task to make us the most happiest customer Slightly frowning Face and i'm still hoping Sony will hear us out, because this phone (XZ1 and other 2017-2018 flagship) should be the beast and also have a good camera than the other product. We do really love this phone, but we have a bad time with the customer service Slightly frowning Face.

One time poster
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Message 45 of 46

Re: Sony camera and GCam

I think everybody would appreciate google camera support. I can not understand that it is so difficult for Sony to implement it. Their android is very similat to stock android, so please Sony, do the integration of google camera and you will get more fans!!!

Also, I think your compact variant of xz1 is the most beautiful and comfortable phone in the world. This design is amazing, please stay on it, it is your distinguishing feature from all other brands. Just make a edge to edge screen and this phone will be perfect.

One time poster
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Message 46 of 46

Re: Sony, you able to make your fans happy - camera improvements list

Sony where is you?? Reply this post!!!!!