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Sony we need smart updates!

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Message 1 of 3
Message 1 of 3

Sony we need smart updates!

Is it possible that you create smarter updates?


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Message 2 of 3

Re: Sony we need smart updates!

What do you mean by smarter updates? 

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Sony we need smart updates!

Next wanted Updates for XZ1 & Dual-SIM:
1. Backlight sensor is too heavy in operating screen-brightness. In room, office or at night, sensor goes to 0-10% which makes screen content and messages un-readable and too-dark. Auto backlit sensor should have range of maximum 35-100% of brightness like Z2 or Z3+ had. Hand adjusting of course turns auto brightness off, so next morning you have to activate it again to see something in sunlight.


2. Updating the Bionz™ software or write it again from scratch, to remove dark areas grain and heavy pixels in 100% view of the photo details. Also the Exmor RS doesn't seem to do it's job, not brightning up the scene in medium-low light areas and in-doors like comparing to Z2 Exmor R for mobile, it's tottaly OFF.


3. Update software, so we can move android games and apps data again to SD-Card, and increase the amount of moved file size to larger than 4GB (for users that use at least 64GB XC-SD cards).


4. Do something with that Bluetooth blindness.. Even if Car (GM Astra 2012) is added and switched to Auto-Connect, still You need to connect it manually and accept conection every time You open bluetooth. I even switched to older bluetooth in developer menu, but still no result, same with Bravia-TV bluetooth (43W755C Android TV).


5. Why we can't use MP3 from album to set as ringtone or alarm clock sound, the menu link "use as..." / "set file as..." is gone!

And why DSEE™ can't work simultaneously with ClearAudio+ like in older Xperias had? ClearAudio is too shallow, but DSEE is too strong, a combination with both could make sound better and not so agrresive for ears in higher range.


>> Xperia XZ1 user, help-ful with knowledge he has;>>