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Significant performance drop in games (Unreal Engine) after the update on Android 9

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Message 1 of 3

Significant performance drop in games (Unreal Engine) after the update on Android 9

I have 2 phones. Watching the problem on both. Appeared after the update on Android 9. On one of the phones tried a factory reset and recovery through Xperia-Companion - the is no result. The problem is observed on the new clean system.


I will try to explain the example of the game HIT. ( 

It has graphics settings with a scale from 1 to 5. Before the upgrade of course I play on level 5, because Adreno 540 powerful enough GPU. Visually at least 30fps. On level 1 even faster of course. No lags were observed at all.

After the update on Android 9, I see very strong lags at the time of rendering of particle effects (explosions/magic , etc.) however, if there are no such effects on the screen, the performance drop is not observed. Under the performance drop I mean a frame rate drop to 3-5 fps and even a stuttering sound!

I've been playing this game for over 2 years, and even on an Xperia Z1 (Android 5) phone there's nothing like it. Yes, it is naturally worse performance than the XZ1, but just smoother, and the game there shows normal performance at the level of graphics 1-3.

Once again, I want to note that on Android 8, no such problems were not! 


I unfortunately don't know what the situation is in games on other graphics engines that aren't Unreal Engine. For example, in Asphalt 8, I did not notice strong performance drop. But in the game
Darkness Rises (Unreal Engine) are observed, similarly, during rendering the particle effects . Although not as much as in HIT.



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Re: Significant performance drop in games (Unreal Engine) after the update on Android 9

Are both phones you've observed this, Xperia devices?


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Message 3 of 3

Re: Significant performance drop in games (Unreal Engine) after the update on Android 9

Yes, certainly. Both phones -- XZ1. One is my, the second is my wifes. One was just updated over the air. On the second conducted a series of experiments, installation Android 9 via PC and reset to factory. It didn't lead to anything. I see the situation on both phones is exactly the same. Immediately after installing Android 9. The game itself was not updated at this time.