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On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring too slow - any fixes ?

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Message 1 of 4

On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring too slow - any fixes ?

On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring is too slow.

Initially when I just got the phone I could play HD videos on to my TV from my XZ1 using Screen Mirroring option, but after a few days and few apps installed and running, the screen mirroring just crawls and most of the time the screen on TV just hangs or is partial and keeps refreshing.

I suppose this may be because my RAM is 4GB, but still I was hoping that with about 2GB ram still free, the screen mirroing should have worked well, after all !


Any tips to debug why screen mirroring is an issue on my phone, and any fixes for it? (dont tell me I need more ram! - anything else to fix this ?)

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Re: On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring too slow - any fixes ?

Sony Xperia Care Chat transcript

Sony Customer Care Representative Fri, 11/09/18 10:21:40 am Europe/London
    Welcome to Xperia Support by Sony, my name is Sony Customer Care Representative . I'm currently reading your question.... Thank you for providing the details...
Sony Customer Care Representative 10:24:31 am
    As I can check from details that you are using Xperia XZ1 and you are unable to connect your device with Sony TV via screen mirroring?
Vivek 10:25:31 am
    I am able to connect
    but the TV screen keeps flashing and updating - not showing the mobile screen video or photos properly

    looks like the mobile is not able to stream the video or photos properly
    note that the videos and photos are hi-res also note that on the 1st day when I got the phone
    I had tried screen mirroring and it worked perfectly (streaming all my hi-res videos on to the TV)
    but after I installed several apps now the screen mirroring has enormous lag in showing from mobile to tv
Sony Customer Care Representative 10:28:10 am
    Sir, I would like to inform you that kindly connect with different internet connectivity.
Vivek 10:28:22 am
    I have McAfee installed on my phone which shows the memory currently in use
    so when I start the screen mirroring I can see that about 50% of memory (RAM) is being used by various apps
    since the phone has 4 GB ram that means still 2 GB should be available for screen mirroring to work well
    but inspite of this the screen mirroring just is not able to show my vidoes/photos on TV
    which is very shameful for a phone with 4GB ram and Qualcomm 835 octa core processor

    is there something else that Sony has done on top of Android Oreo 8.0 OS to cause this issue
    in my opinion 2 GB ram should still be enough for screen mirroring to work
    how much cache does it need now my Q is is there some setting I can do (maybe developer mode) 
    that can let the caching/screen mirroring to work smoothly ask the experts and get back to me if u have some solution

Sony Customer Care Representative 10:39:00 am
    Sir, may I arrange a telephonic assistance for your convenience to resolve this concern in the best possible way?
Vivek 10:39:27 am
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Message 3 of 4

Re: On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring too slow - any fixes ?

The solutions given were (a) start your phone in safe mode and see if screen mirroring works fine then. (b) delete all apps and then install one by one to see if any app is causing this (c) some other options to re-install some drivers etc


Well, I wont be doing any of these for sure, so to me looks like 4 GB ram is not enough to stream HD content over bluetooth to the TV...

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Re: On my Xperia XZ1 4G RAM - screen mirroring too slow - any fixes ?

no,just bad connection. I've always had that problem with all my sony phones - from a poor E4 to my XZ1,the phone liteally has be no more than 50cm away from the TV +also it's using wi-fi direct not bluetooth(so about 20-50x faster u know)