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Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?

One time poster
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Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?

Hi, I finally got the notification about 9.0, I was really looking forward to updating my device this whole time but as I've done some research people said it's bad. Not the whole Android 9.0 but how Sony made it for Sony devices. I'm currently really happy with my XZ1 Android Oreo, snappy phone, all good so far, should I upgrade to 9.0 or no?

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Re: Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?

That is a difficult one.  "If something is working why break it"


I too worried because 9 UK customised only appeared last week and then was updated within 24 hours to the latest build. 


My own experience....  (used XC on the pc and did a backup to the pc first)

All settings including contacts, wifi logins, and app logins all worked without any need to restore anything.

The battery life looked awful the first 2 days but since then it has got much better (I will assume this is because android optimises for the apps etc but also because I was playing with it more just after it updated)

NFC Google Pay worked without needing to resort to refreshing the associated cards

My SmartWatch 2 did not need to be paired to it as if new and nor did my H.ear on2 H900n headphones

Vodafone's wifi calling etc settings were automatic and did not require a patch download which previous Oreo updates needed before it was enabled in unbranded simfree XZ1 handsets.


But what "new" is there?  It seems to be as smooth as before, it doesn't lag but it isn't flipping between screens faster (they must limit that speed because every xperia for years flipped at the same speed yet the cpu and memory has improved a lot over each model change).


I think the only new thing users get other than a different drop down menu, changed icons and a different settings menu list are a changed UI for the camera & the ability to do 960fps slow mo in full hd (am I right?)


So...  your phone does need to get the updated security patches if you are using it for banking etc & I have had no issues.    Actually Sony the long wait for the update was very annoying but the actual update went really well.

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Re: Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?


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Re: Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?

I'd agree with ezy3, it's a difficult thing to answer.


I did the update by using the 'Repair' feature in the Xperia Companion software, this wipes the phone entirely. (I don't really mind doing that myself but understand it's a pain for a lot of people.)


The only advantage I can see from doing a Repair rather than just an upgrade (as ezy3 did) was that I didn't encounter any issues with battery life.


As ezy3 says, it's a smooth and slick as ever but given that Sony have decided not to implement the 3 big UI features, you won't really notice much difference.

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Re: Is it worth it upgrading to 9.0?

Yesterday I ran the battery down to 51%  at 10pm

I left the phone turned on and looked at it again at 6am.  It showed 49%


It does seem to drain fast if the screen is active (I suspect because the auto brightness is far more generous that it used to be.  It seems to be 40% in lit rooms when it would be 20% before, then flies to 100% if it is outside in the sun but equally the moment it sees it is in a dark room it drops to 0%)


Over night only a few texts/whatsapps came in and I think my email apps have a "quiet" zone over night...   but it shows the "phone" idles very well...   during the day and lots of apps get active that tends to be where the drain is if also combimed with waking the screen to see what they alerted the user for.   (the advanced tab of the battery menu shows far fewer apps active which is strange as where before it would show I used the music player if i had it on for an hour it no longer does)


I agree a repair install can often help if you have a lot of apps that get a bit "lost in themselves" in the process..  For me it has been the best upgrade (even allowing for 2 updates in 2 days) process & results i've had with any of my Xperias (X10, S, Z1, Z5 before)