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Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display

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Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display

I found a "dead pixel" on my Xperia XZ1 display. I don't know if it's a dead or stuck pixel and what should I do with it.


Can I use warranty for this?




Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display

Hi @mmike,


I'm sorry to hear this.


As this is a international user based community I would recommend that you get in contact with your Local support team for assistance with questions regarding warranty coverage and service routines, as they are better equipped to answer these type of inquires.


Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display

I have had dead pixels on phones and things before. Your best bet would be to contact your local Sony Repair.

Although in my experience, not many places replace or repair phones with dead pixels. Only if it covers more than 2-5% of the total screen will they usualy do something. 

There are youtube videos and apps that claim to help fix a stuck pixel. If thats what you have. 
 It basically flashes all the colours over the screen really quickly. To try get the pixel to reset itself. Just search stuck pixel. 

I have had varied success with this. So it couldnt hurt to try. 

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Re: Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display

I got dead also, but as far as I remember, You won't get warranty change if there are less than 5 pixels dead... As it's to be acceptable in LCD panel cut process on manufacturing. 
Try YouTube fix videos or talk to your local sony partners. And good luck Winking Face

>> Xperia XZ1 user, help-ful with knowledge he has;>>
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Re: Dead Pixel on my Xperia XZ1 display


Read what Sony tells us:

Minor variations in display brightness and colour may occur between devices. There
may be tiny bright or dark dots on the display. It occurs when individual dots have
malfunctioned and can not be adjusted. Two defective pixels are deemed acceptable.


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