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A few questions (bugs) about XZ1.

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

A few questions (bugs) about XZ1.

Hi! I have the XZ1 for a few weeks now - and I'm loving it A LOT. My favourite smartphone and my first Sony, but definitely not my last.


There's just a few things, nothing major, that I would like to ask (maybe some of you already know how to solve them) or report, if nobody is aware of them:


  • since trying Ultra STAMINA mode, I keep getting that wallpaper on my lock screen randomly. My default wallpaper for home + lock screen is Xperia Loops. It stays on the home screen, but it changes to Ultra STAMINA mode wallpaper on the lock screen - I have no idea why and reset doesn't help.
    • solved by booting into Ultra STAMINA again. The first time I turned it off, wallpaper persisted, this time it didn't and everything is OK (for now).
  • I have Good night actions configured, but there's a slight issue with "Turn on Do not disturb" - when action goes off, it still plays a notification sound, which wakes me up if I go to sleep before Good night turns on. Additionally, it doesn't silence tap/lock sounds, despite DND being ON.


And more common things that I've already seen reported here and there, but would like to point out:


  • Adaptive brightness is way too aggressive - it recognises the slightest change and instantly adapts to the light. I’ve seen this already mentioned a few times, so It’s nothing new.
  • WiFi data arrows on notification bar are separated from the icon, so when they appear/disappear, they key moving other icons.
  • Good night action has "Turn notification lights off" - this should be true for charging as well, but it isn't.


Thank you for any kind of help/feedback and best regards!