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XZ1 Compact is still a good deal?

One time poster
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XZ1 Compact is still a good deal?

I would like to change my z3c but in the XZ2c I hate the position of the fingerprint reader and the lack of an audio jack. It is also heavier, bigger and has less autonomy than the previous model. So I focused my attention on the XZ1c, but I have some doubts:

  • Are any known bugs that have not yet been fixed by software updates?

  • The best price I found for xz1c in my country is 449€. It's 100€ less than the list price and 60€ less than the XZ2c. Is it a good deal for this price?

  • In your opinion, how old can I use it before it is time to change it?

  • Do I have other similar alternatives besides the ZX1c? (no iphone)

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Re: XZ1 Compact is still a good deal?

the xz1 compact is an awesome device, the build and the design is much better than the next compact, however, you should be aware that the life span of the softare updated ends after 2 years. ie. the major updates. 


imo, i'd rather settle for xz2. you might be surprised that the positives may outweigh the negatives..

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Re: XZ1 Compact is still a good deal?

I believe it is. I also had a Z3C which was an excellent device as design (but with flaws in quality) and after XC now I got XZ1C (I'm a Compact 16:9 fan). Bought it from Amazon with 300 euros (new and sealed) and so far I had no problems no bugs no issues so definitely worth a shot. Very good design better than Z3C as quality more features (slow motion) and good colors. Some minors issues like camera UI or led flashlight intensity which are in all Sony models. Other than that works fine I'm pleased. Unfortunately I think Android Pie is the last update for it.

PS. I see that is pretty hard to find to buy a new XZ1C.

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Re: XZ1 Compact is still a good deal?

Absolutely. If you want a compact in my opinion there is really nothing else that comes close with android, I have considered a pixel 3 but is nearly 3 times the price. I've never had a single problem with my XZ1C, upgrade to Pie was seamless and have never experienced any bugs. The Z3C is 5 years old so doesnt sound like you are that bothered about having the most up to date phone, I'd say get one while you can!