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XZ1 Compact GPS is very innacurate

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: XZ1 Compact GPS is very innacurate

Hiya, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it's so bad it's not working in Google maps anymore. It comes and goes. And my GPS status app isnt able to connect to any satalites but shows GPS as working. 


I'm going to format my phone I think. 






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Message 12 of 13

Re: XZ1 Compact GPS is very innacurate

I've got the same GNSS problems (not just GPS, but includes GLONASS and BDS).


The fix is dropping all the time or my location is often even 50 meters away from the correct location. And when walking the location moves to about correct direction, but still stays far from my real location.


I used application called GPS Test to see the GNSS signal levels taken on same location and same time. Below you'll find levels of two Sony phones. No wonder that XZ1 Compact is so poor on positioning when the receiver is this bad.


On left is Xperia XA and on right is Xperia XZ1 Compact.

both.jpgXperia XA and Xperia XZ1C

ok, there's a problem with the photos. Here's link to imgur: GNSS Problem

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Message 13 of 13

Re: XZ1 Compact GPS is very innacurate

The same problem here. My old xperia xcompact had never lost gps.

XZ1 compact has terrible receiver sensitivity. I have compared them with gps tools too and got the same result like you.. 

I have just received my XZ1compact from warranty service because it started to fall apart like my even older Z3 compact, but nothing changed.

XZ1compact is unusable with waze. It takes too long to lock gnss, and it is losing gnss lock on highway regurarly.

It is really shame that there is no other comparable phone still covered with android security updates. Look at android security bulletin, every months there are several cvss with score 8 or higher, it is dangerous to keep android  phone without security updates.