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XPERIA XZ1 Compact Firmware Versions and Security Patch Levels Reference

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Message 1 of 1

XPERIA XZ1 Compact Firmware Versions and Security Patch Levels Reference

XPERIA XZ1 has model number G8441 in all markets but Japan DoCoMo, where it is known under SO-02K. The internal product name is "lilac". There are three product variants:


lilacGLOBAL-LTE4AG8441All unlocked and carrier-branded devices, except in US/Japan
lilac_docomoDOCOMO-LTECASO-02KJapan DoCoMo branded devices.
lilac_us_ssUSSS-LTE4AG8441Unlocked US devices.


Additionally, there are 43 G8441 customization versions and 1 SO-02K. You can see your customization version by dialing *#*#7378423#*#*, then going to 'Service info', 'Software info'  and 'Customization Version' will have actual number (something like 1310-4371_R8B). XPERIA Companion checks this customization version and will query the server for updates for that specific version. 


I analyzed firmware for various versions and decided to share the results. The values below are taken from /system/build.prop and /system/etc/prop.default. Build time is selected as the latest one of and Table is ordered by Build time.


Firmware VersionsAndroid VersionSecurity PatchBuiltNotes
47.1.A.2.2818.0.02017-08-05Thu Aug 17 09:06:24 JST 2017Original firmware
47.1.A.2.3248.0.02017-08-05Tue Sep 5 03:53:17 JST 2017 
47.1.A.2.3748.0.02017-10-01Fri Sep 29 04:06:03 JST 2017 
47.1.A.5.518.0.02017-11-01Fri Oct 27 12:54:34 JST 2017 
47.1.A. Nov 13 14:01:34 JST 2017 
47.1.B. Dec 5 03:44:41 JST 2017DoCoMo-only
47.1.A.8.498.0.02017-12-01Thu Dec 7 04:00:27 JST 2017 
47.1.A.12.348.0.02018-01-01Fri Dec 22 04:20:36 JST 2017 
47.1.B.6.368.0.02018-01-01Tue Dec 26 02:53:20 JST 2017DoCoMo-only
47.1.A.12.758.0.02018-02-01Thu Jan 25 04:22:21 JST 2018 
47.1.A.12.1198.0.02018-03-01Thu Feb 22 19:44:35 JST 2018Latest for lilac_us_ss 


This is for reference only.

No longer using XZ1C