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Bright spots on white background.

One time poster
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Bright spots on white background.

For a few weeks, bright spots have arisen on my display. The device has no contact with water and is always transported in a silicone sleeve. Strangely, my old Z5 Compact also had such stains, but since they have come only after 3 years ... Is such a guarantee case? The Sony support is somehow not able to answer this ... there I get suggestions that I should install the latest software version please ...


The next problem would be that I have no bill for the device, but actually Sony can also recognize by the IMEI number, if the device has any guarantee at all. At least one could look back then in the Sony attitudes under guarantee information, how long the device still has warranty, but that has unfortunately removed Sony.

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Bright spots on white background.

Hi @iTzZent, sorry to hear about this.


I am afraid that it is hard for me to say whether this is a warranty case or not, mainly due to the fact that warranty and consumer laws vary depending on which market you are located in. I can only speak for the market I am located in (Nordic), where the phone has to be examined by an authorized service technician in order to determine whether it is a warranty case or not. 


I believe that the best thing to do in this situation is to get in contact with your local support team. They should be more than capable to arrange for the phone to be sent to an authorized service center for checkup and a possible repair.


I hope that helped! 

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Bright spots on white background.

White spots are usually pressure damaged.

If you haven't sat on it / dropped / stepped - then the battery may be swollen.

However, you can get white spot by strongly pressing screen with your fingers...


Shortly - if this is because of the battery then it may be under warranty. In other cases it may or may be not under warranty. It is worth checking - my experience with Sony phones was that they always replaced the inner components in case of white spots.