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Android 9... why going backward??

One time poster
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Message 11 of 15

Re: Android 9... why going backward??

It's not normal for me not to change the intensity of the ringing silently. It's really a step back.
Let us choose what we will controll with the volume buttons.

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Message 12 of 15

Re: Android 9... why going backward??

I'm annoyed by the new volume controll as well.

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Message 13 of 15

Re: Android 9... why going backward??

I'm annoyed as well.
Changing volume in my pocket to vibrate on the way into a meeting was something I didn't appreciate how good it was until today.
Now need to:-

1) Get phone out

2) Unlock

3) Press volume button
4) Press cog

5) Take volume down
6) Lock phone
7) Put phone in pocket


1) Put hand in pocket
2) Take volume down until you feel vibrate
3) Remove hand from pocket

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Message 14 of 15

Re: Android 9... why going backward??

The 47.2.A.6.30 Android Pie release rendered my NFC void, the XZ1 Compact can't be used for Google Pay or to connect to any NFC device. Others complaining about faulty GPS after Pie update.


It seems that Sony released a very bad quality update without proper testing that left their customers (including me) with losing major features (like GPS or NFC) of their devices.


At the same time the only "technical" support they can give is to suggest a clean reinstall (repair) via Sony Companion which of course will not solve the issues. After that in a second step they ask you to send back your phone (if that's still under warranty) to them. Which is legally acceptable, but otherwise a quite painful process (you have to wipe your data, send the phone, wait for the repair, setup your whole environment again).


Since we have smart phones which is now more than 10 years, there wasn't a single situation when a manufacturer software update rendered major features of my phone useless, leaving me with one only choice to fix which is sending back to manufacturer. This update (47.2.A.6.30) is the very first time this happens thanks to Sony.


I would have expected much better quality from a name like Sony. I'm greatly disappointed in this brand.

One time poster
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Message 15 of 15

Re: Android 9... why going backward??

Ужасное обновление.

Если с нововведенными функциями громкости еще можно как то смириться, но панель навигации... Учитывая, что сейчас время современных продвинутых технологий, когда каждый производитель смартфонов и флагманов стремиться минимизировать загромождение экрана, очень странно и печально видеть не скрывающуюся панель навигации чуть ли не на весь экран. Добавили бы тогда настройки этой самой навигации.

При размере в 7 дюймов, рабочая поверхность теперь занимает 5,5 дюймов.

Всегда придерживалась марки Сони, но в ближайшее время начну подыскивать другой телефон. 


Awful update.

If you can still reconcile with the newly introduced volume functions, but the navigation bar ... Considering that now is the time of modern advanced technologies, when every manufacturer of smartphones and flagships strive to minimize screen clutter, it’s very strange and sad to see the hidden navigation bar full screen. Then add the settings of this navigation.

With a size of 7 inches, the work surface now takes 5.5 inches.

Always adhered to the brand Sony, but in the near future I will begin to look for another phone.