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Adaptive brightness not keeping set state with Android 9

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Message 1 of 5

Adaptive brightness not keeping set state with Android 9

Hi folks 

After doing a clean software repair with the actual Android 9 release, i noticed, that adaptive brightness is losing the set maximum level (set up under full sun light) for screen brightness. After restart or power cycle, phone gets back to 100% max level. But there are some rare other cases this happens, i can't figure out.


Best regards 


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Message 2 of 5

Re: Adaptive brightness not keeping set state with Android 9

i have to say the adaptive brightness is pretty screwed up in android pie.


1. when on, it goes all the way to the bottom, even when there is not enough light.

2. when you override and put the brightness up (even though auto is on). after a while it decides to go down to 0 (low) again.

One time poster
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Adaptive/auto brightness - how to make it work

Dear Sony,


Your adaptive brightness doesn't work and neither does any auto brightness function on other phones, including iPhones. Don't try to implement every function in software if a simple and cheap hardware solution works just fine and independent from software update bugs. Just equip your phones with a photo (that's light) diode on the front and some simple transistor driving circuitry to drive the backlight. This is how we -electronics engineers- did things back in the previous century before apparently even the most simple functions had to be implemented in software. I understand the cost reduction doing things in software vs hardware but for a simple auto-brightness function this is really rediculous and worsed of all: does not work reliably.

One time poster
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autobrightness problem

I turned off auto brightness but it still working.

My screen inecrase brightness If use it under sun.

Is it normal?

Does anyone have same issue?

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Message 5 of 5

Re: autobrightness problem

I think there is a contrast enhancer built into the processor of these phones that makes the screen easier to see in bright sunlight and this works independently from the screen brightness.


I believe it is called Snapdragon Assertive display and I don't think it can be disabled.