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Xperia xz, Sony's and my worst phone so far

One time poster
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Xperia xz, Sony's and my worst phone so far

Hello everyone,

So I have been a loyal Sony moth since my first phone all the way back to T68, then there was T610, - > w800, - > k700, k850, Xperia x10, Xperia mini, z2, and now Xperia xz. Plus, minus a few. So far I haven't had any major issues with any of the devices that I may regret buying them. There were a few problems with every phone on the way few bootloops here and there, joystick needing to be replaced every few months on all older pre android devices etc but nothing major. Until Xperia-XZ. WHen I was buying it every single person suggested that I buy S7 edge. But knowing my history you too now know that I wouldn't have gone with any other device but latest and greatest of Sony. Every body I talked to suggested it's bad value, low ram, small battery, no reslase value, not as pretty, reviews aren't great etc. But for me Sony = Quality has been. Statement all along. I went ahead with it, at that time S7 edge with VR and other goodies was available for about 60 usd less than Xperia-XZ. Anyway I bought, brought home, turned on there was update but I decided to stay on marshmallow a few more days because being a developer my few apps might have needed some optimizations for nougat. So I enjoyed MM on it for a few days. It was all good I got about 7 hours of screen on time once. Although camera was the main selling point of this phone, but wasn't as good, sound was low, edges dig in your hand with one hand use, but overall It was great I was so happy with my purchase. Then about 2 weeks later I upgraded to nougat. And I have been in regret ever since. I have to charge this thing 2 times everyday. Some times even a half an hour charge extra. It eats out about 40 percent charge just laying there on the side table at night. I tried everything. Contacted Sony, posted on forums reatgrought internet tried all possible solutions, begged Sony to fix this problem. Phone idle has always been the top consumer obattery on this, screen comes on 3rd, 4th usually.


Thank you!


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Re: Xperia xz, Sony's and my worst phone so far

Now its more worst in Android 9..

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Re: Xperia xz, Sony's and my worst phone so far

Dont know about XZ, but I use xz premium. I had five xperia phones and never had single problem with any of them. My xz premium works perfectly without single problem. Battery two days, I am not watching movies. I upgrade it to 9.0 and works like a charm after two years. I think you should do clean firmware.

Waiting for xperia 1 to buy it.