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Sony Xperia xz Stuck in boot after software repair.

One time poster
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Sony Xperia xz Stuck in boot after software repair.


My Xperia is stuck in an eternal boot with a blinking on/of Sony logo after I tried a software repair in Sony companion. I tried to use the recovery tool several times without luck. Would be grateful for any kind of help. There's a tool called XperiFirm. Is it OK to fix boot problems with this tool?

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Sony Xperia xz Stuck in boot after software repair.

Hi @CJBagge, let me see if I can help out here.


Aside from the software repair there is a few things I would suggest that you try. Primarily i would suggest that you remove the SIM card in order to see if the bootloop persists without a SIM card mounted. If you have a SD card, try taking that out as well. If the phone starts up as usual without SIM and SD card, the cards may be damaged and needs to be replaced.


If none of these measures manages to get you past the Sony logo, I would suggest that you try to repair the software once again. Keep in mind though that since you cannot access the device to set it to MTP, you will need to start the repair without the phone being plugged in to the computer and tick the  "My device cannot be detected or started, or is a Smartwatch 3" checkbox before proceeding wit the repair.


If the bootloop persists without SIM and SD cards and after a second software repair, I believe that it is best that you contact your local support team in order to have the phone sent in to an authorized service center to be examined and possibly repaired. If you have any questions regarding the service, such as routines, warranty and consumer laws, these type of questions are best answered by your Local support team as well, as they vary between markets.

Try these measures and let me know how it goes!

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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