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Software changes Sony needs to provide to XZ

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

Software changes Sony needs to provide to XZ

would like to keep this post as a summary to the software changes that Sony should provide:

- focus on picture quality, especially in low light as from what I saw until now Sony is best in video quality (1080p), but pictures are still the same as it was in Z5 = XZ is still behing S7 and new iPhone
- due to lack of OIS, bring 5-axis stabilization to pictures as well as to 4K mode
- allow longer shutter speed as 1s is too low
- allow to adhust shutter speed and ISO, exposure and/or HDR at the same time. Basically to have manual control on the picture I want to be able to adjust several factors at the same time, not only 1
- Update HDR option as its impact on the picture is debatable
- update panorama mode
- update creative effect mode as this one is the worst I guess. First of all it is lagging when you are moving camera, second the menu is slow and animations stutters. Then for unknown reason it is taking pictures only in 2MPx while at least 8MPx should be allowed. Really 2MPx Sony???
- speed up the loading speed of the camera
- speed up the time when you can see the taken picture, for the moment the loading spinned is visible too long and all the reviews are focusing on this factor, showing it as the main disadvantage on Sony app against the competition
- fix overheating, I know in the past you were able to do this via soft, like for Z5 and earlier as well 
- bring back the app that was recognizing wines and places

- customize the UI, add some animations, change the look as now it is way too stock
- bring back small apps
- bring back screen recording
- if this is a soft case only, bring back the radio
- provide more widgets, or bring back the ones we had in the past like Stamina mode widget
- bring back the real Stamina mode instead of current denture

- provide few predefined settings for those who like more toned / more vivid / film etc. colors, competitinion offers is from long time ago, callibrate the screen for these settings.
- allow X-reality to be turn on always, in the UI and other apps than Video / Album as well (even with notification that battery may be impacted a little).  

If you have any ideas, please post it here. 
The above suggestions I made after viewing really a lot of videos and reviews of XZ. 

Thank you.