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Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

One time poster
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Message 51 of 55

Re: Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

For how many years will we need to be asking for the T9 keyboard before it will come back to Xperia phones? In the same way as you allow Google voice typing along with the SwiftKey keyboard, why can't Sony also have the old good Xperia keyboard available as an alternative? Just bought my new Xperia a couple of days ago and now I have no interest in writing with the phone, since writing is so slow and inconvenient, and checking through the text for all the typos takes so long time and in general the writing requires a lot more concentration than with the T9, which one can use without even looking at the screen... And let me not even start about the emojis, which at least in Xperia keyboard one could update to nicer ones from another app, and still just keep using the Xperia keyboard conveniently.


Now I've downloaded Go keyboard, which for me seems to be the most similar one to the old good keyboard. Also I've left a message to SwiftKey's support forum, but they seem to be totally uninterested in creating a T9 layout. So I really do hope Sony will take care of this on it's own then, by allowing people to choose if they want to use SwiftKey or Xperia keyboard. If this doesn't change, my next phone won't be a Sony, even though I otherwise like them.

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 52 of 55

Re: Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

As I wrote before, SwiftKey have expressed on their own support pages that there currently are no plans for introducing T9 - and therefore I can't give you an estimate regarding how long it takes until T9 is available.

I understand the love for the older Xperia Keyboard, but it is not available on our later models and to my knowledge there are no plans on introducing it again.

What I can do from my end is forward your feedback, but I can't make any promises or anything of the sorts. Please know that I do understand your frustration and I am sorry, but what I can recommend at this time is to have a look at third party options from the Play Store. Slightly frowning Face

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Message 53 of 55

Re: Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

Agree totally! Why aren't they listening to their customers?  I have only ever bought Sony phones. This latest one, the XA1, has the awful Swiftkey, with no T9 option. I don't want the qwerty keyboard on a mobile phone!  Ive downloaded all the third party ones, and they are all useless, even the one I paid for - perfect keyboard - won't be buying sony again .

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Message 54 of 55

Re: Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

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Message 55 of 55

Re: Phone pad (T9) text input on XZ

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

not even 24 without a T9 keyboard was making me not want to interact with my phone.


to Sony:

is it really that difficult to provide your customers with keyboard choices off the bat?