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Missing features in XZ as compare to Z5 And Problems in Android 7.0 update

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Message 51 of 53

Re: Missing Z camera features: Multi-camera, Face In

yes, moving to other brands may seem be an option not until you get the glimpse of what they are removing in their units as well.

sony wasn't the only one removing features of a device, it was other OEMs that first removed say like :




apple and moto Z: no headphone jack


nexus devices  didn't even get to have google assistant like the pixel does.


before the discontinuation of the Z series,. it was announced that the X series would be focusing more on streamlining the software that matters most to general user, (so if you are not a general user , like me, this would be disappointing but most people who buy these phone should have done thorough research )


I am not being a fan boy here, I wasn't even a sony fan before, but seing the eccentricity of other oems on their devices sony xperia seems to be a bit more stable in handling upgrades and adding or removing features.

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Re: Missing Z camera features: Multi-camera, Face In



That's true, it just takes a look at other brand's forums to see similar posts, that they want to move to another brand, assuming that the grass is greener, but it might not be the case, I think Sony has done a great job with the latest Xperias, that doesn't mean that they are perfect.




You are correct to expect nothing but the best from Sony, this camera was not advertised to be compatible/available for this model, I think it'll be better to post it as a request to bring it to more Xperias and Android versions. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 53 of 53

Re: Missing features in XZ as compare to Z5 And Problems in Android 7.0 update

After update to nougat 7.0:
Problems with fingerprintscanner, sometimes it dont read finger at all,(you get directly to input pin) and for the most part it is very slow at reading and unlocking phone. NO problem with marshmallow.

Landscape mode on display stop working. You have to get into settings and toogle autorotate off and on to get it working again. The funktion crashes randomly.

Very bad multitasking. Apps in background reloads when you go back to them after a few minutes.

Camera start up are slow and snapping a picture is right back at z3 and z5 performance (very slow) Focus is not great either 😕

Bluetooth audio dont work with some devices. (for exempel Marantz AV receivers) The audio is scrambled and stutters. This bug starten with Marshmallow update on Z-devices ages ago. Can you please fix this once and for all? No problem with my wifes S5 or the kids Samsung tab4's. My 5 year old Motorola even produce great sound over BT to the devices that Sony dont.

I also miss the small apps feature and the screenrecord function, but as it is removed partly because of Google, there is no reason to put energy into that, i focus on what i could demand/expect on a costly premium flagship like my XZ, the darn thing should atleast work with its factory apps 👎😢