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MAJOR PROBLEM! Phone restarts by itself!

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

MAJOR PROBLEM! Phone restarts by itself!


A major problem occurred yesterday on my XZ. The phone restartsrby itself when audio is being played through speakers above 50% volume. This sounds crazy I know but I swear this is happening since yesterday and I can't find the cause. I am running the latest software version (8.0) and the latest security patch. This problem occurred from the moment I did some updates on Play Store. The apps were:

YouTube / Messenger / Google+ / Xplayer / TES Legends / Amazon app /μtorrent.

Before that the phone was running perfectly. Now to get into a little bit of more detail. From my tests the problem happened on these occasions:

Youtube playback

Sony's Album video playback

Sony's Music

Loudspeaker test from the settings

Even when people message me

When dialing numbers on the Phone app(if I click to call from the contacts instantly, it doesnt happen)

Every occasion I mentioned the phone restarts the moment sound comes through the speakers. But the weird thing is (like everything else isnt weird)  that it happens only when the volume level is 50% and up. I tried doing all these things with lower volume and they work. 

Another weird thing is that the ringtone normally plays even at full volume when i get called (thankfully).

I can normally play audio through Bluetooth. 


Now, of course the first thing to do was to delete all the updated apps and their data, but the problem still persists. I then tried booting on Safe Mode but to no avail. Next thing which I haven't tried yet is reset but I need to save some files first  I really hope it solves this.

Honestly, any help would be appreciated!