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Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch

Message 1 of 5
Message 1 of 5

Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch

Hi everyone, 


This post is to basically list all bugs, issues, and things that should be changed in Android oreo. Here is how it's gonna work :


     First, I will write a list of all bugs and  issues I have so far  encountered. Then,  everyone will kindly confirm if he/she is struggling the with the same issues. Users can add any bug or issue that was not mentioned- Which will then be added to this post so that others can also confirm. 

Second, I'll put a second list about  suggestions and changes that should be made, and whoever agrees should confirm; again,  if something was missing in this second list , users can report and everything will be added to this post so that it is updated. 


     Since this website seems like a mere users forum, the ultimate goal is to get as much participation as possible so that everyone will then  report directly to Sony by simply copying or referencing this post. This post will represent all of us XZ users and hopefully it will serve its purpose. 


So here we go:


List of bugs:


Performance is generally good in oreo but sometimes becomes very poor. This includes slow keyboard response, sluggish UI, temporarily freezes

2)Camera app:

While the loading of a taken photo is now generally faster than that of Nougat, many times the camera app takes almost 5 seconds to load and view a just- taken photo. It's worth mentioning that low light picture quality has slightly improved. Phone still heats up when recording videos and the phone will force close the camera app eventually because of the high temperature. Speaking of which, temperature in oreo is better than that of Nougat except when using the camera app. 

3)Battery : .

The battery drain in oreo is unavailable! Battery drains in a mere 7 or so hours of idle time. Phone is now charged twice a day! In Nougat, my SOT average was 5 to 6 hours. Now it's 3 to 4.5


Ram management is absolutely terrible  in Oreo. The Android OS and other os related apps use too much ram that only an average of 600to 800 mb is free. The average ram usage is 2.5 gb!!! 

5)split screen:

when holding the multitasking button to split screen and heading over to choose the second app, there is an abnormal delay where the screen just fades with no apps shown to be selected. 

6) Clock app:

This app,  despite its nice new layout, is now misbehaving and isn't optimized well. Sometimes, It takes few seconds to launch it and some users are reporting that the alarm is not working when the phone is charging. 

7)Phone dialer app:

it is ks very sad to experience that ugly lag when scrolling through the call logs. This issue goes back to  2016  so which is unacceptable. 

8)Image enhancements:

The image enhancements are slow to take effect  in the album app. It takes almost 4 seconds for x-reality or vivid mode to be applied to a picture when  viewing. 


The brightness sensor now is now too agressive. It respond so quick that it either lightd up to the extreme or goes to the lowest brightness.

Second list- suggestions and requests:

1) Sony music app: .

Seems like it's been abandoned by its developers because it doesn't support split screen feature. I have no idea why it isn't. The feature has been around for a year now and yet its not added. 

2)Display settings:

Xperia xz should have the option to change the color gamut just like xz1 and xz premium. This feature is much more useful than just image enhancements(which omly works in album app) as it changes whole UI colors. 


Camera app should be updated to have 4k settings not as a separate app but as part of the video resolution settings. Burst mode should be added as a native feature in the camera ui because that's what flagships should have. Even the z3 had it back in 2014!!!

4)night mode

There should be an option to filter the blue light aka night  mode built in natively.


     Thank you all for your participation and as i said if anything new is mentioned i shall add it here in this post so that anyone can just see the post and confirm. Please, We don't want many comments which make it hard to see through all of them. Therefore, please whenever i add anyone's extra suggestion or bug, that person will kindly delete his/her comment. In other words only confirmation will be below this post. 




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Message 2 of 5

Re: Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch

Initially after the Oreo update, I noticed the xz becoming warm, RAM usage never goes down from 2.5GB,some apps like Facebook become sluggish.. Camera is slow responding,battery drain was obvious. After some time, it gradually stabilized. RAM usage fluctuate at 2.2to 2.5,GB,have uninstalled and reinstalled problematic app. Gradually I noticed that the battery life was nearly the same as the last version of Nougat.. 

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Message 3 of 5

Re: Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch

Try disable Google Feed in Xperia home.

Without Google Feed my ram usage average 2.0-2.1 Gb.

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Message 4 of 5

Re: Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch

Hi @trashcan

Thank you for your response. 

Yes, my ram usage is now between 2.2 and 2.5 too. But still, this is not good. We are talking about a maximum free Ram of only 800mb. Honestly, opening more than 5 apps will cause reload which is not acceptable for a flagship. In the middle of my daily use when switching between Gmail, Word and Adobe pdf reader, the phone reloads all off them!! Too much wasted time.



As for the battery, it has indeed stabilized but its performance is not as good as Nougat. In other words, the drain is not as bad as it used to be in  the first 7 days after the upgrade. However, if I play a game for 2 hours then the battery will reach 15% or so. Meanwhile in Nougat, the battery would reach 15% after 3-3.5 hours of playing.


Message 5 of 5
Message 5 of 5

Re: Full comprehensive review of Android oreo November patch


Thanks for the response. 

I actually have disabled it long time ago (since Nougat days) but my ram usage is still between 2.2 and 2.5 gb.

I'm sure you have encountered that ugly reload when switching between more than 5 or 6 apps right?