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Feeling cheated time after time with below average performing phones.

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Message 1 of 3

Feeling cheated time after time with below average performing phones.

Dear Sony, 

This is serious, very serious. I love your phones, the quality, the balance, the look and the premium craftsmanship. And I trust, when I'm paying this much every year to pick up your flagship, that it would perform just as a good as it looks. And that trust gets broken every single time. The white sheet suggests the use of flagship or second flagship SoC's but the real world performance is but average. My relationship with Sony devices go way back to the Sony Ericsson K320i and never had any other brand till date. If you intend your phones to just be expensive paperweights with the added functionality to make calls and text friends, please let us know in advance because when I saw a Snapdragon 820 on the spec sheet of the Xperia XZ, I thought of butter smooth HD gaming or long minutes of 4K video capture. Instead phones priced less than half of the XZ are shaming it even in theory with synthetic benchmarks. 


Here are my as well as your problem with all the phones that I have used... 



Why would anyone design the phone that thermal throttles so bad? Other phones don't, atleast for half an hour they don't! This is the biggest problem with Sony phones! Don't pack a bigger SoC if you know the phone is not going to handle it! And to have it thermal throttle all the time for even the simplest games. Obviously I want play HD games on this device. Why else would I pay so much for a premium SoC? The camera stays on only for three pictures and the overheating warning comes on. I don't mind having a thick phone as a compromise to better performance. In fact that's what you guys should have done! Focused on the heat dissipation for an SD820. And on top of all this how can you pass a device from testing if you know this is the state of your flagship. 


Every device I've owned, Xperia Play, Z, Z Ultra, Z1, Z2, Z5 Premium and now the XZ is plagued by the same problems.


Bad heat management during which time the battery practically drains away. So in the end your looking at 20% battery down in less than ten minutes while trying to close a choppy game because of throttling. I went down 10% typing this message on the lowest screen brightness and everything turned off. Stamina mode doesn't help because all it does is to make my phone unlock 5 seconds after my fingerprint is validated. 

I can't record a birthday celebration because the camera would turn off after one minute! I wanted to record a video, not create a GIF!


I'm not interested in slow motion video or in AR photography or any other compromise curing tricks up it's sleeve. 

I just want a device that performs as brilliantly as is advertised. And no this device doesn't make me feel happy like the people using it in your ads. You guys should focus on making a device that nails down the basics! Get those things right! A slim phone is an attractive phone, yes but it should come with a timid SoC onboard because the device isn't going to handle the heat dissipation and should also come with an honest test result sheet of how you can't play HD games for even 2 minutes. 

I understand that batteries heat up while charging but in this case, is so bad that charging my device from 20% to 80% causes so much heat that I can't even scroll smoothly through my contacts. 


I would not be buying a high end flagship if all I wanted to do was make a few business calls nor would I always game in an arctic cold air conditioned cabin.

AND before anyone tries to even tell me to try restarting my phone in safe mode and clearing the cache... Listen to yourselves! That is not a solution for a manufacturer screwing up an entire family of high end devices! 

Yeah right give the motorcycle a 100hp and fit it with bicycle wheels because it looks cute and tell the customer not to lean into a corner! What absurdity! 




Another trend I've noticed is that every device would get 2-3 OS version updates and each update would be worse than the previous one because it would manage to screw up the experience in a whole new way be it eating up memory or offer a sluggish performance. 

Sony, honestly, this isn't the way to go. 

I speak so much because I'm such a fan in addition to owning most your devices at times they were flagships.

I'm noticing a trend of all love and care in marketing and none left for promised delivery of performance. 




You have to start nailing your basics. 

The speaker loudness for instance. Bad! Has been that way since Z Ultra. But nothing can top the disaster in this field which was the Z1. Couldn't use the loudspeaker. Useless to even sample ring tones to set and an abomination when it came to video calling without headphones. 


The camera has always been good but when compared to the competition, not even close. What it gains in the advanced sensor and lens, loses with simple white balance. I don't need triple sensors that can tell the rgb composition of a colour when the camera can't decide white balance on its own. And frankly, the low lighting is heavily advertised as well. But there is so much sensitivity that it goes grainy! I don't want a bright grainy picture but I'll be happy with a dark clear picture. 

The low light compensation takes all black spots of an image and turns up the sensitivity so much that the entire frame looks grainy. Literally all the low light shots are useless, even as a profile picture on Facebook. This is marred again by how the camera shuts off when it gets hot.




I have always looked forward to a new update or an OS version update to see if previous problems are solved instead get disappointed in finding it has negatively affected performance while bringing nothing new to the table for the end user. Riddled with bugs causing devices to heat up randomly and battery to drain away. It feels like the cpu was counting primes upto infinity... 

And all the suggestions ask us to factory reset. 

First things first. It isn't as easy as you think for a user to perform a factory reset because he/she needs to back up his/her data. And not all data falls under the media category. There is a lot of loose data on the phone like files and apps and preferences and settings. And having to reinstall all the apps and log into a dozen social networking and another dozen or so productivity apps is just a huge task that takes away your time, 4 hours in my case. Time that I do not have. Nor would others with similar interests and affairs as me. 


So conclusion time. 

The two most sought after things from a Sony phone, camera and performance is completely lacking because of one big mistake. Lack of adequate cooling measures and/or device design constraints to not implement said capable cooling on the devices. 


I feel I have adequately represented myself and the worldwide community of users of Sony phones with the same problems as me. 

Again, sorry this post had to be this long but I had to do it because I love Sony phones so much! 

I don't want solutions to my phone's problems. I want a change in the dev's focus on doing what's basic the right way. 

Better battery life, louder speakers, fantastic stock cameras (speaking of which, why aren't display flash for front facing camera a default feature yet on Sony devices) both hardware and software, the performance that was promised when a flagship SoC makes it in to the next device's spec sheet and most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough, better thermals.

I intend for this post to be a guideline for the developers when the goals of the next flagship phone in Sony is being discussed about and hope for a Sony representative who is such a Sony fan boy as me to find it! 

Once again, I'm not here looking for solutions to my problems. I'm just sharing what the community and I had in our minds.



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Message 2 of 3

Re: Feeling cheated time after time with below average performing phones.

Cmon sony answer our questions!!! Hey moderators answer us!!! Stop giving us stupid solution such repair with pc companion, we tired being lied. This issues have been brought up numerous time but end up with no solution, cmon sony don't u care about yr customers? 

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Feeling cheated time after time with below average performing phones.

@dellabeatrix wrote:

Cmon sony answer our questions!!! Hey moderators answer us!!! Stop giving us stupid solution such repair with pc companion, we tired being lied. This issues have been brought up numerous time but end up with no solution, cmon sony don't u care about yr customers? 

And to think about it, these problems have been around since Xperia Play! It's almost a decade! Close to ten years and how can a company ignore its fan base to this extent?