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Black screen and stuck when making a call

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Message 1 of 3

Black screen and stuck when making a call

Hello sirs, I have XZ F8332 from Thailand. The symtom is when I making a call, after choose sim for calling, the screen goes black and no call made.

- Bottom tab still works and shown but "back" button is not work during black screen

- Can exit black screen by press home or manu

- After exit black screen, phone cannot call out. When press a call button, screen blinks one time and nothing happen

- temporary solution is same as in this topic

And please don't mark above topic as "solved" because root cause is not solved yet.

After deny permission "phone" from "phone" app, the sim choices screen appears, I have to click "back", close phone and contact app, allow "phone" permission again.


- Another solution is make a call to this phone by others.


I've read all topics about black screen when making a call already and tried to solve problem as well but no method works.

- Ear proximity test is passed

- I tried in safe mode for short time but problem didn't happen. I'd like to try longer time but I still have to working with other apps. So I uninstall UI which I thought it might be third party that cause this problem but problem still existed.

- From my observation, I believe that problem is caused from software and about making a call period. I tried to call without sim choices screen (by Zen UI dailer app) and usually succeed.


Please fix it ASAP because phone that cannot making a call is useless phone.

Temporary solution is so annoying and not 100% fixed.





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Re: Black screen and stuck when making a call

any suggestion?

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Black screen and stuck when making a call

Any comment?