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xz premium update

One time poster
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xz premium update

what are the main upgrades of the latest new update in xz premium?


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Re: xz premium update

i wish know too!!

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Re: xz premium update

All you will ever hear is that they are "security updates".

However, I personally believe that Sony secretly attempts to fix issues/bugs silently. This way they do not have to openly acknowledge any problems and then miraculously they are fixed. This has been my observation since owning this phone and being active on this forum. Of course there are those who disagree with me and that's fine.

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Re: xz premium update

The openness in this branch of sports is below par.

See this affair with iPhone where the CPU is being choked on older devices.

Be frank!

Sony be frank, iPhone be frank, everyone be frank!

Your customers will love you!

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Re: xz premium update

"Be frank and the customers will love you"........

Unfortunately the fact is quite opposite;

If Sony or Apple admits a problem/issue before a fix is ready, forum posters will shout and cry with a demand for a fix NOW, rant about the issue on many forums and make a gazzillion double-postings via multiple accounts on the forums, cry about that they will leave Sony forever,  etc etc because they expect that their phone or issue is the only thing that matters in this world.


Apple has understood this year ago, and their normal response is <No Comment> or just plain old silence on mostly any matter.

Sony is actually pretty good in their response on real issues and  keeps the phones we have updated and patched frequently. (Sony was very early with Android8/Oreo, and of course any problems with that release of Android will be detected on Sony phones first, as seen on this forum)