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XZ Premium camera has "circle" lens flares

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XZ Premium camera has "circle" lens flares

Hello eveyone!

Since the first day I have bought the Xperia XZ Premium I have noticed I have some weird lens flares consists of circles.. It appears mainly when there's a strong light source from the area of the picture..

I don't think these type of lens flare supposed to appear because I haven't seen anyone capturing with this device having these type of flares appear.. Sometimes it may be small but sometimes it may be huge and cover almost half of the picture if not more..

Is this normal with this device or mine may be faulty? I would be glad if someone could give me a honest answer since I couldn't get any proper answer for this anywhere..

Here are some pictures to demonstrate the type of lens flare I have..


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When will Sony improve the camera HDR in its devices?

Hello everyone.

I am using Xperia XZ Premium G8141-single sim model with latest Android 8.0 Oreo 47.1.A.5.51 firmware.

Since my last post about the HDR of the Xperia XZ Premium has been ignored.. I want to make a new one with a summary of all its issues.. In hope it will reach Sony developers and so they will be aware of that.. I am not sure if they already work now on better algorithms for future updates but if they do, it would be really great if they said so and would let its customers know if an improvment is coming..

So here are the issues I noticed with it:

( 1 ) First of all, there is a huge bug in the HDR.. It blinks. I have made sub-posts in my previous thread about that and included a video of how it blinks on zoom even on Auto mode but it seems a response on that I haven't got..

So here is the demonstration video of the problem:
I hope it will reach Sony since I am 100% sure it is not supposed to be that way!

( 2 ) Second, I want to say that the HDR is just weak. It doesn't reach its fullest potential for my opinion, and some cheap phones have better HDR than Sony's and its sad.

I noticed that Sony's HDR works in real-time while the camera app is being used while many other phones apply the HDR only after pressing the shutter button and it results in a stronger HDR.. So why Sony isn't doing additional HDR applyments after pressing the shutter button? Because its way too weak comparing to many other models (not even talking about Google's HDR+). And the same actually goes to video.

( 3 ) The HDR makes a weird "cartoonish" effect and reduces detail, sometimes in a very noticiable way. This is most noticable on scenes with nature like trees. Trees that are far from the camera appear very cartoonish and undetailed. Sometimes nature shots with HDR are acceptable but sometimes its.. just way too noticiable.

I can add some comparison shots later but I think XZP users know what I am talking about..

- - - - -

So in result many daylight shots just come out unsatisfying and sometimes just bad in terms of the dynamic range, even when comparing to some mid-ranger devices from the competitors. But note that when I say this I refer only to its HDR and not to all the other aspects of the camera.

I hope it will reach Sony developers somehow, at least to officialy hear from Sony that they plan to fix these issues in the future is a good go and I will be willing to wait as much time as needed, I guess as well as many other customers out there, because the bug I mentioned should be fixed and I think there is still huge potential in its HDR that could make daylight shots just perfect..

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Re: XZ Premium camera has "circle" lens flares

I have one picture with this kind of flare. I was really supprise to see it the first time and now I see your pictures. 

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Re: XZ Premium camera has "circle" lens flares

I have the same effect going on on some photos, I don't think it's something to worry about.

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Re: XZ Premium camera has "circle" lens flares

This is normal behavoiur when taking pictures of lights, even high end cameras get lens flare when taking photos of lights.  

One time poster
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Re: When will Sony improve the camera HDR in its devices?

I bought the Sony Xperia XZ premium because I wanted a top camera. Unfortunately HDR and HDR + is useless as described above.