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Wifi signal dropping

Message 291 of 346
Message 291 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Sold my Z5 as well, so can't check if this issue still persists, but it never had any issues prior to 7.0.... So my guess was that it had something to do with a bug in that current update and would be fixed in the near future... Never did i expect, that my new XZ Premium would have the exact same issue.... But my xz premium got fixed a few updates ago. 

Message 292 of 346
Message 292 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Hello Everyone,


Why you guys still update this post? Is marked as Solved so I don't believe Sony will do anything with this.


I have opened a new one for the exact same issue, if you don't want to reply on that post: , at least plese keep opening new threads to force Sony to notice this idiotic issue which is completly unacceptable for a phone like this.

Message 293 of 346
Message 293 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Oh they grouped your new thread with the existing thread. Totally not cool :/ 

Message 294 of 346
Message 294 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

I am also having wifi issues with my XZ premium. It disconnects randomly and if its connected then the speed is very slow. 

Message 295 of 346
Message 295 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Oh my...this is horrible...

I sent my XZP in to Sony service center 3 days ago, and all they just did is to reflash the firmware and mark it as no problem. I asked for the reason and they told me they just reflash the firmware and test the wifi for 30min, if it dosen't drop then it is considered passed. Anguished Face


I got no choice but to reject it, and now I have to wait for their response again...

Message 296 of 346
Message 296 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Same. Sent my XZ1 to official repair center , was returned in a few days with "no problem found", they only reflashed the phone. Still dropping WiFi several times a day and not reconnecting. I think I tried everything I read or thought already. I woud have sold this **bleep** phone already, but I've heard/read that this a bug with all the new ones on Android Oreo 8.  I'll not survive this nightmare the 2nd time...


P.S. And for people's sake, delete this "SOLVED" tag already! Cause it's not obviously.  Moderators, auuuu...

Message 297 of 346
Message 297 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Recently, I purchased a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Switching from an iPhone, I was a bit skeptical considering it's a phone that isn't exactly common with today's smartphone users, but due to the amazing specs I was pumped to receive it after i placed my order. Right out of the box the phone seemed snappy and gorgeous aesthetically speaking. shortly after setting everything up, i come across an issue where the WIFI randomly disconnects for a 2-3 seconds then connects back right after, forcing me to use LTE for that brief period. Now, the phone has warranty. I do my digging online to only find out its a common issue other users are having and they were awaiting some sort of update. After reading all the articles and forums regarding this issue, I took it upon myself to contact Sony who confirmed that this was an issue that they will be pushing a update for the fix but no specific time frame as to when. I am within my return policy and sadly might have to go back to my iPhone. I attempted to chat with a Sony Xperia Agent and this is how the chat went;


Chat transcript

Jorge F Sat, 04/28/18 02:21:46 pm America/Rainy_River

Welcome to Sony Xperia Support, my name is Jorge F. I’m currently reading your question. Please provide your e-mail address and contact number for personalized support.

Joe zei 02:22:05 pm

*personal info hidden*

Jorge F 02:22:07 pm

I will be glad to answer your question.
To personalize our service can you please provide your full name and carrier please?

Joe zei 02:22:22 pm

*personal info hidden*

Jorge F 02:22:29 pm

Thank you very much for that proper information.
Let me see if I got your request.

Joe zei 02:22:37 pm

The phone is factory unlocked

Jorge F 02:22:55 pm

You are contacting us because you want to know when the next update will be available. Is that correct?

Joe zei 02:23:16 pm

Yes , because I'm within my return policy and didn't expect this right away
It seems to be a common issue reported by other users and last article was in February and still no update

Jorge F 02:23:45 pm

I completely understand you Joe.
However please take into account that software updates are launched at different times depending in the operator, market, region or country. Therefore, we can not give you an exact date for when a specific update will be available for your device. In addition, network operators and specific markets may choose not to benefit from updates from updates of specific models.
I would like to know if you have any questions regarding the information provided today or if you have additional questions?

Joe zei 02:24:12 pm

So basically due to the phone not having a high volume of users
It's okay to let me keep switching to lte
And accepting the charges ?
Because Sony has yet to fix this issue for me
Why was I recommended to send the phone out
To be without a phone and recieve the phone with the same issue 02:25:02 pm
This is a $800 phone

Jorge F 02:25:15 pm

I completely get your point Joe.

Joe zei 02:25:26 pm

That's it ?

Jorge F 02:25:53 pm

I mean we can not give you an exact date for when a specific update will be available for your device.
I would really love to help you. 02:26:10 pm

Joe zei 02:26:16 pm

So basically just deal with it is my only option
This is ridiculous
I was warned about getting Sony phones
I feel like this was a mistake

Jorge F 02:26:47 pm

If you want as you metioned you can send your device to our repair center.

Joe zei 02:26:57 pm

If it's software related
What will that do 02:27:00 pm
What type of support is this ?!

Jorge F 02:27:24 pm

Sir they can check if it is for real a software issue.

Joe zei 02:27:35 pm

It's already been confirmed
That it's software related
I already mentioned that to you

Jorge F 02:27:56 pm

Then the only option is to wait for the next software update.
Did you already perform sofwtare update ? 02:28:03 pm

Joe zei 02:28:08 pm

Would you wait ?

Jorge F 02:28:08 pm

And sofwtare repair ?

Joe zei 02:28:18 pm

I did , nothing got fixed
I took a chance from an iPhone
And wow do I regret it so far

Jorge F 02:28:38 pm

Alright sir. So the only option is to wait for the software update.
I would like to know if you have any questions regarding the information provided today or if you have additional questions?

Joe zei 02:29:11 pm

Yeah why are you guys advertise wifi if it disconnects every 15 min
Mislead and terrible support
Biggest mistake
I'll be returning this device and not looking back
I'll be copying this chat log for others to view and take into account before purchasing any Sony Xperia products 02:30:07 pm

Jorge F 02:30:09 pm

I completely understand you. But since you already did all the troubleshooting there is nothing to about it. you can send your device to the repair center or wait for the next update Joe.
It has been a pleasure for me to assist you today.

Thank you for contacting Sony Xperia. If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact us again. For more information about our products and services you can visit:

Have a marvelous day Joe !

Message 298 of 346
Message 298 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

Software update? This phone released since last June..Smiling Face with open mouth & closed Eyes

Yet not solved after countless update.

Message 299 of 346
Message 299 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

I think it's obvious already that they haven't got a clue how to solve this mess with WiFi. It's been too long. They **bleep**ed up big time

Message 300 of 346
Message 300 of 346

Re: Wifi signal dropping

It's hilarious that this forum is marked solved.