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Thinking of buying the XZ Premium, thoughts from owners?

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Thinking of buying the XZ Premium, thoughts from owners?

It's really down to the Sony or a Note 8 at this point, but all the crammed into the software side of the Samsung have turned me off to it. Also, fears of screen burn in and apparent slowdown over time. The Sony seems to have a much better software approach, and while the primary complaints seem to center around the camera in low light, other photos I've seen from the XZP are gorgeous. I couldn't give a about the bezels at all, and like the sort of squared off shape (one reason I'd go with the Note over, say the S8+... the latter is just too round for my taste). How does the Sony screen fair in semi- direct daylight? Would having 4GB RAM put me at a great disadvantage vs 6GB? Are there any decent cases for the Sony out there (on an Honor 8 with a cracked-but-functional screen and had to chip finely shattered glass away from the back to regain use of the camera). Actually considered the Z2 Force just because of my seeming propensity to break screens, although to be fair it happened on my Honor when I was still a homeless heroin addict and with a weak case over it; I'm in a much better position to care for my things now.

Otherwise, if there are any other positives or glaring negatives about this phone, your insight is much appreciated. I do like that it would be unlocked (vs the Note, since I'd buy it thru AT&T for whatever deals they have). Curious if the XZP is expected to drop at all around Black Friday, or what sales have been like in the past. Or if waiting for something like the OP5T, or the U11+ that's rumored to be introduced in the beginning of November... but with all these phones I've been researching, I keep coming back to that Sony. Just looks really sharp and well- featured; I just want it to be able to last for a couple years of use. Thanks again for any guidance you guys can provide, take care.

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Re: Thinking of buying the XZ Premium, thoughts from owners?

In these kind of decision making situations - there are quite a few areas to consider. 

1. For starters - this is a very robust phone physically as well as in terms of software stability, not withstanding the few and isolated cases of problems reported here in this forum and elsewhere online - xda-forums, etc.

2. The screen, pixel density, colour contrast and resolution cannot be surpassed by most other phones and one may compare the tech specs, or by the look and feel. I also happen to own a Nokia 8 Sirocco which excels in many respects, but is not a match to the XZ Premium.

3. RAM is function of usage. Running Pie would ideally takeup about 1.8-2 GB by itself. I find the remaining free RAM mostly adequate for all the normal apps - but I do not do serious gaming, so will not comment there. Again, by comparison, I have 6 GB on the Sirocco - not that it is used to that extent.

4. Build and quality wise - I do not see any reason to complain.

5. Camera is one of the best - even compared to XZ2 or XZ3.


Now to the caveats:

1. This is 2 year old product nearing its end of life - meaning, it may not get to Android Q (in the coming year) a new buying decision will have to factor that in.

2. Qualcomm 835 is a good performer - though 845 phones are there in the market with 855 in R&D under wraps. So one may want to spend on a newer Core.

3. There are rumors in the market about the continuity of Xperia series as a whole and we don't know exactly what Sony is planning for the future.

4. Sony as a brand has its own price tag - so it will be costlier, compared to similar specification other brand phone.


All-in-all - if it would be my decision - I would evaluate newer models like XZ3 or XZ2 Premium, compare the specs and price and then take a call.


I have tried to provide a hands on comparison - invite others in this forum to contribute their feedback as well.