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Thank for the changes in Oreo Camera (soft skin off button)

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

Thank for the changes in Oreo Camera (soft skin off button)

Thank you very much for the changes that you have done with the oreo update regarding camera!


First of all i am using phone locked to a specyfic operator in Poland. I have gained the oportunity tu upgrade my XZP month and a half after the official update rolled out. Then, when it came up, i ve upgraded my phone from previous verions of android 7.1.1 and lost permanently possibility to use my cellular data as a connectiion to the internet. Although it was turned on, reseted, and so on. The one thing that helped me was a total phone reboot done with the Xperia Companion and a fresh system installation. That was not pleasant at all and ruinded half of my day (and a phole bunch of pictures) but nevertheless... thank you for other good changes.


Few of them i will mention here with a little addition of improvement wishes:


1.I can now turn off the soft skin mode in the front camera when taking selfies with my doughter. We now look lika an ordinary people not robots.

2.Would you be so kind as to make identical button regarding rear camera operations? If it is not a big deal, that could help people stay people (in better automatic mode).

3.I've noticed a big improvement when taking pictures in low light. Now they look fantastic.

4.I ve noticed that you have slightly improved manual mode (that can shoot like an auto mode, but without filters and so on), there is iso slider, and reset function (so, when you change your parameters and close the application it remembers your preferences until you... click *reset*! That is great.

5.There is a little room for improvement here, as for an example you could see here at a manual mode (with sliders set to auto) exact values for shutter speed, iso set by an auto program just to see them and take control when it is needed. Other phones have that option. That would be really nice.

6.Also when your picture is taken and transfered to the memeory, could you prepare something like graph for the parameters (like an iso, shutter speed, colour tone) in sony album (when viewing pictures). Of course there is a possibility to look into them now, but you have this ugly popup screen with big slider and that is unpleasant.


Thanks for your time