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Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

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Message 1 of 5

Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

I recently purchased the Sony Xperia XZ Premium - 16 days ago. Since I have had this phone it has shut down around 14 times aday, I have had it reset. removed the SIM as other sites have suggested and yet I am still getting the same issue. I have had no support form the Car Phone Warehouse or 02. I have always been a samsung phone person and fancied a change, I now wish I hadn't.   Any help please.

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Re: Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

I'm sorry but if it has truly been shutting down on its own 14 times per day...why didn't you just return it as defective on day number 2?  Anguished Face

Send it back, or get support based on your country of residence. Clearly there is some piece of hardware that is broken on your phone. 

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

Hi @MattyD,


I am sorry to hear about the constant restarting, let's see if we can help resolve this for you.


There are a few things you can try to find the culprit. 


Try removing the SD card from the handset, keep it out and then turn on the handset, test it to see if the issue continues. If the problem is gone then you may need to replace the SD card or try formatting it and then retrying.


Failing the above, try removing the SIM card from the handset and restart it without the SIM card in, if the device works then you will likely need to replace your SIM card.


Please let me know how you get on.

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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One time poster
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Re: Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

The above suggestions didnt work, are there any other solutions I can turn to without restarting the handset completely?

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Message 5 of 5

Re: Sony xperia XZ premium Keeps Shutting Down

Does it happen in safe mode too?

Did you try to delete the latest installed apps?


Another option is to wait for the next software update, take care that the battery is charged at >80%, so that the process can take place undisturbed. (although I can imagine that the restarts can make you go crazy)


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