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Problems with apps after Android 9 update

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

Problems with apps after Android 9 update

Hello, this is my first appeareance here on forum :-)

I've got couple questions about some applications not working properly (both 3rd- party and Sony's own)

1) - I wanted to make sure about one thing. I'm runnig couple of individual gmail accounts on my phone. My personal account is paired with the Xperia's main Owner account, my work google gmail account is assigned in  Xperia as Regular user account. I liked the idea, that each account is separated and can be customized uniquely. I assume that the master/owner account acts sort of like Administrator account in Windows with all privileges enabled, and the Regular account is like User account in Windows with some permissions restricted. Hopefully this multi-user feature is fully supported by android OS itself and it's fine to operate on the phone like that.

2) - Here comes the problem. After update to Android 9 (Pie) I can confirm that two applications are malfunctioning.  Waze and Sony's own Camera app.  Waze won't start on my Xperia's Owner account (yet on the Regual account works fine) and Camera app now can't access sd card on the Regular account (while on the Owner account can save pictures on sd without problems.) Can this issue be related to a fact, that I have two unique user accounts? I can imagine, that applications for Android are treating permissions for each type of device's account differentely (like the previous comparison to a Windows OS), thus maybe the Sony's Camera app now can't hadle permisions to sd writes on Regular user account properly, when on the Owner account can write to sd card fine.  Sofar I've tried to clear app's Cache and Data, Force close and reenable permissions to write to sd card. without luck.

Waze behaves quite differently. After update I can't start Waze app on Owner account: Even after a fresh restart of my phone, when I tap on Waze's icon, nothing happens, and when I tap on it for second time, I get an error : "Application Waze stops working regurarly , Info about application, Close application, Send feedback"


EDIT: I was able to solve this issue by reinstalling the app on Owner account.


I would appreciate if you could give me a few hints and tips what to do, before I'll have to do Factory reset, which - hopefully - will solve the issue with camera app.


Thank you a lot