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No USB-C Video Out, Yet Capability Is There: Video Casting < 480p!

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Message 11 of 14 Fro...
From this video we know that XZ Premium has all the USB type C 3.1 pins connected to the motherboard and thereof to Snapdragon 835 (5:07 in the video)

Also take a look at this:
Seems like the tx pins are responsible for Displayport alt mode

Now that we know that the hardware is there on Snapdragon and on USB type C and that all the pins are connected, it only remains one possibility:

The tx pins are disabled in software!



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Re: No USB-C Video Out, Yet Capability Is There: Video Casting < 480p!

UP!Nerd Face

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Re: No USB-C Video Out, Yet Capability Is There: Video Casting < 480p!

A solution has been found in the form of a MICRO USB TO VGA/HDMI video adapter  Connected to a micro USB to type c adapter completing the connection to the phone


The video adapter model number K2P81AA on Amazon

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Re: My questions to SONY:

@Inerent wrote:

Dear Sony, is there a piece of hardware like chrome cast or miracast, or anything that XZP can stream at real QUALITY and resolution? I really need to use my 4k tv in a decent way!

The missing link is the keyword "DisplayLink"! The "dp alt mode" would be cheaper, but this DisplayLink dongle does the job (1080p at least), too! :good:

"WAVLINK UG-3501H" (DisplayLink certified dl-3500 chipset)

After installing the app "DisplayLink Presenter") and a reboot for the Sony device, the picture was shown via HDMI.

I tested the this device with these smartphones:
1. Sony XZ1 (USB 3.1)
2. Axon 7 Mini (USB 2.0)