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My phone gets laggy with the 8.0 update on xz premium

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Message 1 of 3

My phone gets laggy with the 8.0 update on xz premium

After i updated my sony xperia xz premium to android 8.0, every night sharp atfter 10pm my phone gets laggy. Every time i swipe, drag, type turn. Litraly everywhere.  Its just so laggy and i hate it. Sony dont even care. Im very dissapointed with sont at the moment. I thought of sony to be really good but theyre crap. Im also getting batery drain. From 2 day battery life to 1 after the update sony should really fox these problems as fast as they can but theyr not.  Im actually so angry while im typing becaude itse sooo laggy i cant even type proper. Plz fix all the issues your customers are complaining about and stop wasting time.  8.0 full of bugs and crap features.  Terrible

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Re: My phone gets laggy with the 8.0 update on xz premium


My unit is working perfectly here with Oreo, when you observe this lag next time can you restart your phone into safe mode and test if it persists?

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Message 3 of 3

Re: My phone gets laggy with the 8.0 update on xz premium

I agree, mine is working great after Oreo.

I may be mistaken but it seems as if the majority of complaints is coming from those with the dual SIM model(s). I do realize that some are from the single SIM model also but it does appear to be more from the dual SIM group. While it is no fun having to setup your phone from scratch, it is a necessary evil that many phones have to undergo when a major update is applied.

Another observation is that when your phone works great, no matter the company who makes it, then that company is the best on earth! But when your phone does not work great, then that company is lower than dirt!

You will find both types of customers on each and every phone forum that exists. Nature of the beast!